The Portal is reserved for Members Only
of the Movimento d'Amore San Juan Diego.

The reason is not to limit to Members only
the privilege of access to Revelations and other information,
but to keep away some subjects from:
writers, Priests, Bishops, Cardinals,
authors of various newspapers, Catholic blogs
and especially charismatic fakes… who have copied
and are copying from the Revelations given to Conchiglia
appropriating with impunity the revealed Word of God,
as if it belonged to them.

The holy Prudence, which is a cardinal virtue,
commits us to protect THE RIVELATION given to Conchiglia
from those who have malicious intentions or wish to copy,
while remaining in anonymity.

Jesus teaches in the Holy Gospel according to Saint Matthew 7,6:
« Give not that which is holy to dogs; neither cast ye your pearls before swine,
lest perhaps they trample them under their feet, and turning upon you, they tear you. »

And the Word of Jesus in the Holy Gospel
is also within families where there is no harmony.


Vatican City - 09 of May 2015 - Vatican Gardens

Divine Work
presented by His Holiness Pope Em. Benedict XVI to Humanity

THE REVELATION given to Conchiglia
« Bentornato Mio Signore - Il Grande Libro della Vita »
Welcome Back My Lord - The Great Book of Life
New Testament of the Third Millennium

Truth about the separation from the Vatican by His Holiness Pope Em. Benedict XVI
One True Pope as long as He is alive
of the Church, One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Roman
as revealed by Jesus to Conchiglia della Santissima Trinità on 02 of february 2011.

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May each one of us avoid friendship or familiarity, or association with people suspected of belonging to the Freemasonry or the aggregations associated with; from their fruit you will know them and flee them. And not only of those who, manifestly deceitful and libertine, bring to the fore the imprint of the sect, but also to avoid of those who familial association with those, who conceal themselves under the mask of universal tolerance; of respect for all religions; of wanting to reconcile the maxims of the Gospel and the maxims of the revolution, wanting to reconcile Christ and Belial, wanting to reconcile the Church of God and the State without God.

Drawn from : « Inimica vis » - Encyclical Letter

Pope + Leo XIII