Worldwide Movement founded by Conchiglia by the Will of God on the 24 of October 2001
dedicated to Mary Most Holy, Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Perfect One,
The Woman clothed with the Sun of the Apocalypse - Mexico.
Movement to defend the Catholic Church of Jesus Christ with the Pope as the Head position.
In obedience only in the doctrine of Jesus, Son of God, Himself God in the Holy Gospel.

Conchiglia della Santissima Trinità... in english  « Conch of the Most Holy Trinity »
Movimento d’Amore San Juan Diego... in english  « Saint Juan Diego Movement of Love »

XVIII Year of Third Millenium after Conchiglia

and here I come

testimony of JIM CAVIEZEL


The Passion of Jesus
New Revelations given to Conchiglia



“... From high upon the Cross I passed you the consign daughter...
since in this other Fullness of Time
the world has to make use of the Word of God... ”

                                                                     Jesus to Conchiglia - 07 of april 2005
                                                                     Anniversary of the first Revelation given to Conchiglia

“ ... today I want to reveal to the world the date of My Resurrection.
It was the ninth day of the fourth month of your calendar
the time was... three in the morning.
I Am Resurrected on the third day... not after three days.
From My Death to My Resurrection
thirty-six hours of your time had passed...
and those who have studied and can study... understand the reason...
evaluating that I did everything...
always without excluding Mary... My Holy Mother.
we recount through these writings
that is given an hour of My Death...
for each year of My Life... lived on Earth... ”

                                                                     Jesus to Conchiglia - 01 of january 2002

“... From Unity you have been called...
for the most important work of the Third Millennium...
Millennium that began with you « seventh april of the year two thousand »...
« twelfth year of the third millennium after Conchiglia » ... ”

                                                                     Jesus to Conchiglia - 07 of april 2012
                                                                     Anniversary of the first Revelation given to Conchiglia


The Passion of Jesus
New Revelations given to Conchiglia

My soul is sad... it is sorrowful even onto death
the anguish plunges Me into the abyss of nothingness
where the absolute vacuum... motionless... prevails.
The loneliness of My Soul
pierces the Heart of the Father... who sees all
is fixed... and waits.
Life... what is it but a light breath in the
wind... hidden from the wind?
Life on Earth is but a moment... Eternal is the Life in God.
But that moment of Life on Earth... 
is a melting yearning that most will return and « self » remains.
The aurora is appreciated as the moment
Dawn should be appreciated as the moment... 
then evening comes and the time stops and sits down... immobile.
Poet of every time and other Times I Am.
My tender Heart emanates Love from everywhere and expands... 
it expands onto infinity crossing and flying over even the Uncreated created.
No eye can see what I see.
I see the Absolute of God
the All of God
the Immensity of God
the Omnipotence of God
the Magnificence of God.
Ah the Soul... 
the Soul what a great Mystery.
The Soul is the Essence of God.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.
The executioners were coming and I felt their steps Conchiglia.
The pain of the Spirit was so great
that My Body trembled and exuded Blood.
My Whole Being was turned towards the Father
to do His Divine Will for the benefit of all human kind.
I heard the rumor of spears... 
that the soldiers struck rhythmically on the floor
during their journey that brought them ever closer to Me.
I already saw on them their horrendous grins... 
that satan had stamped on their faces.
And the time came for the arrest daughter... 
and of the scourging daughter
and of the physical pain daughter 
and of the moral that grew daughter.
They struck Me mercilessly
in every part of My pure and virginal body.
Without piety... daughter.
How much blood dripped to the ground Conchiglia.
That Blood that now today is indispensable for you... 
and it will be until the last moment for the salvation of humanity.
Reflect on My pains children... 
because although in this Advent you await Me as a Baby
you must remember that I came to the world so as a Baby... 
but to die as a Man and rise again as God.
But children... before the Resurrection I suffered the most atrocious martyrdom
that any living being has ever lived as a man.
Right this moment Conchiglia... 
still hear the sinister and rhythm sound of the drums
which accompanied the macabre ritual.
But enough for now Conchiglia... 
brighten your heart to think of Me as a Child.
A tender and sweet baby who is comforted by his mother
and of all of you who love Him.
Hold me tight and never leave Me Conchiglia because I love you so much.
My proximity to you will sustain you Conchiglia... 
and I will be for you Child or Man depending on your state of heart
because for Me time does not exist.
I Am Jesus... your God of Love who loves you immensely... 
and loves all His children and brothers.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.

The news that I will recount to you little by little
will shake your mind and heart Conchiglia
since the unheard becomes possible only because all things are possible to God.
The resurgence of the holy man who was intended to live
in the Earthly Paradise is about to be realized
that man is almost ready for the rebirth in spirit
to conform to the Will of the Father.
the way to do that is to have taken the bold... 
that which the indomitable went ahead on their way
regardless of all kinds of difficulties
certain that they would overcome everything.
It is true... the road suddenly divides
and the man is forced to take one of two paths to follow... 
taking care to take the right way... 
that despite being the most difficult and uncomfortable
leads straight to the Father.
Oh Conchiglia... I Am here
I am Jesus who from the Trinity speaks to you
to demonstrate to the world more that to you... as they are in you... 
that I constantly work to procure the salvation of man... 
that foolish and wicked man
who has allowed the evil one to humiliate Me... and in what way.
the love you feel for all men
is clean and unselfish love because only that kind of love
may be acceptable to God... My Father and yours.
The solutions are many but at this time only one is the right one... 
one that we must take to save many brothers.
The way is that of Calvary and the Cross
but before that we have to... as it is necessary... 
follow the steps that lead to it.
And so the hour of Gethsemane
where the horror that I saw before my eyes resulted in sweat of blood.
The horror I felt in the spirit is represented by the crowning with thorns
and the horror I felt in the scourging that preceded it
is that of the flesh that you martyred with Me yet again
through your dirty vices and bodily torture
you inflict onto your brothers.
It is hard My daughter the path that lies before you
but with love in your heart that I have infused in you
you will overcome tests on evidence
since it is precisely those that won once and for all
give Glory to the Infinite Creator.
I Jesus... I God... I the Love... 
talk now to all the hearts listening to Me.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.



Conchiglia... dear children... 
the atrocious and strong moment you pass is also at every moment... 
but My time was Unique and tremendous
because I collected all the pain imaginable on My head.
O Conchiglia... 
those thorns I saw them approach Me
and nothing I could do and wanted to do... to avoid this torment.
The first thorn stuck the forehead
and then through... through... they drove all around.
How much blood... My Conchiglia...
was cast down to the ground.
Big and thick... red dense drops covered My face.
Each thorn plug into Me... 
represents every sin of injustice and haughtiness
of little humility and lies
and all sins that cross your mind.
Fool sons what do you do?
Do you not see how many thorns still stuck Me?
Do you not comprehend how much I suffer enduring your outrages?
Like them at that time you mock me.
You are crazy... you say
and so... you covered Me with the mantle of crazy.
You are king... you say
and so... a reed as a scepter
and the crown of thorns to the end the hard needles all the way inside My brain.
Those excruciating pains... you little children do not comprehend... 
My great torture that I had to suffer for you.
Unfortunately I still suffer... for all your shortcomings.
My children you have been forewarned... 
for the Father does not accept any further.
Any further touching of His Son with insults and nastiness.
Who will live in the New Age... I will love you in eternity.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.


You must know Conchiglia... 
that My words are like a sharp blade
that penetrates into the flesh of who listens to Me.
Once before I told My daughter... 
the blade... when it pierces into who loves Me and follows Me affects and heals.
Whereas instead... 
when it pierces into who does not love Me and does not follow Me... hurts.
And as you... as My instrument of love
incline to the world My Words that are like a sharp blade... 
you... will get to be the scapegoat
because in the eyes of the world will not be able to show specifically
scandalizing My children who go against God and His Word.
And then they will doubt you and what you incline to the world.
Eh... yes... My Conchiglia... 
satan is working very well because it has plenty of grip on them.
Now he is at home in those long gleaming corridors in the Vatican
that they have nothing to do... 
compared to the lanes and streets that I walked in Palestine.
The pebbles on the ground that often hurt My feet
and then I had to cure them with bandages to be able to walk all the way
that connected one Country to another Country.
Palestine was the land of all.
It was the land of the children of God who have not recognized God... 
their God of Love.
But know children... that they with respect to you who live these Times
they were also excused for some of their sins... 
since the new and holy events were opposed by the cursed enemy
and deep down... they were disoriented.
While today you have no extenuating
since you have evidence of proof of your God... that I Am... 
who died on the Cross for all.
But now as then... the pharisees and the Sanhedrin
look at My Cross as onto liberation.
But no... My children... that Liberation that I intend 
namely that of the world and sin... but to their liberation.
Yes... because being a God who died on the Cross... 
can not... according to them... hinder them anymore.
So they think like satan makes them think... 
namely that Jesus died and has not Risen... His body was stolen.
Unfortunately what I say horrifies those who now read
but I say to you... 
that My children good Priests... and they are many
are hiding wicked Priests introduced among the rows
to bring havoc and confusion... and they are many.
They are so many that are blurring
with their behavior and their teachings in Seminaries
the true face of the Church and the true face of Mary My Mother.
I... Jesus... who from the Trinity speaks to you I have a bleeding Heart
because of My traitor children who still continue undisturbed
to hold the strings of Power and Control.
They say:
we give evangelical counsels
in reality they say:
what we say is the Word of God and therefore it is Holy.
No... children. The Word of God is written in the Holy Book
and it is not one that which comes out of their mouths.
Most of the time they manage to stuff their speeches
as if they were sweets to present and cover them with cream.
But it is not so children.
My Word is not sweet... but... 
often bitter Word as it emphasizes
a truth that to you is cramped and uncomfortable and leaves you such bitter taste.
I want to say through you that the medicine is always bitter... but
it heals.
While their words sometimes melodious and filled with mercy... 
deprive the listener... of the result of the speech that is sometimes lacking... 
when it comes to speaking of My Justice.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.



Calvary is tiring and very painful children.
Calvary is ignominious.
None of the children of the world want calvary on itself if it is not I... 
to arouse desires to co-participate of My pain.
My pain must be respected children.
My pain will persist as long as My children and My Brothers
sin against God and against themselves... as well as against the world.
My pain also includes your pain
yes... because when you suffer I suffer with you
and when I allow you to confront trial after trial
is because I want to render you participant with My Glory.
But how is the Glory of God in your eyes?
Is it a rematch over evil?
No children.
God does not take revenge.
God loves and that is it.
And love means to pass through purgatory even upon Earth
through the sufferings that are allowed.
Suffering is a treasure children.
Without earthly suffering you can not access the Joy of Heaven
and to be in the presence of God in Glory.
Suffering is part of accompaniment that is inserted between two parties
one part is the love... and the other part is the pain.
Here: between love and pain there is suffering
and this has accompanied all and I repeat the life of all the children of God
seeking how they can to follow the Will of God.
There is no limit to the suffering was it not I that I limit the suffering
and this is valid for you all.
As for you Conchiglia... 
you know that the bigger the appointment that God gives to His children
is greater the suffering with respect to other children.
As you can well see... 
Saints who have been faithful servants have been so until death
because suffering also leads to the corporal death.
But daughter the suffering... vanishes the instant the Soul rises
escaping from the mortal remains
and it... rising up to Heaven... 
does not even remember anymore what were their sufferings.
At that moment... the Soul in the grace of God... 
perceives only the immense joy that is given by God.
that your suffering becomes acceptance of all adversity
since you have and you will have just as many.
I bless you
in the Name of the Father
of the Mother
of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.

To Rise toward God means... 
to aspire to things that belong to the spiritual realm.
The spiritual realm is like a treasure chest but invisible to man
where the inner life of each one is only visible to the Eye of God.
The man who wishes to rise spiritually... 
will never be able to agree on the way with those who want to rise materially.
The man who wants to rise materially... 
does and will do everything for his material security
and his well-being will correspond to what he possesses.
Each material good on Earth that man can not do without... 
represents a weight that keeps man well anchored to earth 
that so burdened by various material goods of who holds much... 
will never rise spiritually to God.
Thus « the sons of God » that you call Saints... 
on Earth were deprived of all material goods
depriving themselves from every weight.
The spirituality of man
does not consist in knowing the things of God and of the world
but consists to put into practice all the virtues
that I Jesus have taught and still teach.
the difficult phase that every man must face
always comes suddenly and when you least expect it.
As for you daughter... for some time now We prepare you to face difficulties.
Were you not told that even you would be crucified?
While you are here « as a sign of contradiction »
and depending on their behavior... 
in My Judgment will try ruin... 
or eternal Salvation.
Conchiglia... everything is permitted by the Most High.
The hearts of many children will be unveiled little by little.
Had it not been told that those closest to you would have gotten you
obstacles and sufferings?
All that you have been told is coming true confirming Our Words
showing the folly and weakness of man
who knowingly does not want to recognize their own mistakes
for not wanting to see himself as he really is:
shabby and needy of help.
Love Conchiglia.
Love beyond measure until death of yourself in the heart.
Love thinking about My Love for all
which has been welcomed only by « many » and not by all the children
for whom I have been sacrificed.
Imitate Me in acceptance... 
of offenses
of slander
of injustices
of betrayals... 
and think that on what they are doing to you... 
they have already done onto me.
Calvary... the crucifixion and the death is the fate of « the children of God »
but then will come the time of the resurrection
and under the astonished and bewildered gaze of the servants of satan
the Glory of God will manifest in the living man.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.



Seize the ideal moment to talk to Me Conchiglia.
Talk to Me of Love... remain Me close... 
console My Heart which is suffering from lack of love.
Oh how I thirst Conchiglia... 
I Am thirsty for your Souls... today as then.
Oh My Souls... 
why do you follow the road to eternal damnation?
I Am here to talk to you because I love you
and I listen to everything that passes through your mind... or in your heart... 
or that you pronounce with your lips.
So children... be careful to always have clean thoughts.
Clean your mind as if it was the house in which you dwell.
You enjoy... when you live in a clean and welcoming environment
and rest also looking upon the order of all things.
I do so Myself My children... 
your body is My temple... and I suffer when around Me
I see everything dirty and untidy.
This is why you need to not only cure the exterior part of you
but also the interior part.
Then you... who are happy and enjoy the stay within you and with you.
tell all My children that the time to come it time for inner cleaning.
Prepared as of now are the rooms of your King of Love who returns.
Do not let go right now... 
that together we have shared an important part of the road.
I Am next to you... you may be certain... 
even though you do not see Me with your eyes.
the time past brings many painful memories for many of My children... 
including you.
But look... at My pain.
Look how My Holy Body was... hung on the Cross.
Hung... like an animal for quartering.
Hung... like a dirty rag to discard.
Hung... like a filthy being.
Hung... for you all for the horror of many.
Hung... to die for there I earned life.
See what My Father has allowed for all of you.
I who was... and Am... and always will be His Son... I myself God... 
treated as a trampled animal... to save you all.
Do not render vain that great Sacrifice of Love.
If you choose sin deliberately... 
I can not do anything against your will.
I can not save you without your consent.
Oh children... do not leave Me hanging once again on the Cross... 
do not let Me die again for all your sins.
Unite instead... and implore God the Father who always forgives.
Unite and pray convinced that We hear your every prayer.
Unite and call the Angels and Saints for rescue.
Unite and approach a little to My Holy Cross.
Help Me I beg... remove My nails.
Liberate My hands and My feet.
Deposit Me softly on the ground... 
so as not to jolt on the heart of My Mother.
Heal My wounds and My bruises with love... 
because so much is My suffering.
Cuddle Me... Console Me... 
as you would a child or a loved one.
As you would to someone like you... 
even more so for your God of Love.
Allow yourself to look from My swollen Eyes... 
which shed tears and Blood.
Tears and Blood... caused by My Body torn by Pain
and tears and Blood... caused by My Spirit in agony
Seeing My Sacrifice in vain... for many of you.
Besides giving My Life... what else could I do?
I walked... I preached... I taught
I miraculously cured and healed many children
I prayed to My Father to forgive
I sacrificed together with Me My Mother Mary.
What else should I do to convince you
that my love is boundless for all of you ?
My children I beg you... 
I beg you... My brothers allow Me to love you in My way.
Allow Me a small space in your heart
and I will do the ultimate great miracle... 
I will instill in you... the love of Me... .

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.



It will be Me who will open the door to your heart Conchiglia.
I will respect your modesty that I like so much.
Daughter people are sometimes too curious and then... 
sometimes it is wiser to prevent someone from noticing your tears.
Tears of inner suffering that they never comprehend
since they can not know.
Did you think the greatest pain
was accompanied by cries and sincere tears?
Yes it is true... it is pain. It is really great pain.
But do you know what pain is greater than this?
The silent pain that no one hears and no one sees
made of spasms... of sighs... and laments of the heart
so that through such pain Soul after Soul maybe saved.
In fact I Myself... the God that I Am... I saved humanity.
That maybe I continuously shouted my pain?
It is true I cried... but I did not cry continuously.
That manifestation of pain expressed in the crying
is purely human as I too Am also Man... 
but then God took over who silently suffered as God
and as a Man died on the Cross.
Immense and unheard suffering
since it is not recognized and heard by any ear.
See daughter... 
to restrain cries of pain is more difficult than you might imagine.
Here... to you this is also called... 
namely to withhold any manifestation that allows recognizing your pain.
Yes My child... still hold that lament.
Tell your heart even to remain calm 
since the night will be your companion in the pain that awaits you and that you deserve.
And next to your tears include even Mine 
that are tears of Blood that are shed for the world... 
that world that offends Me again and again and dirties Me.
Yes daughter... they are tears of Blood 
that purify and soothe the wounds of the heart of men
since those are the most painful wounds.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.

Thanks Conchiglia... for being Here now.
Now... I Am nailed to the wood that the soldiers have imposed on Me.
Conchiglia... here... 
nails have done their job as nails
namely... they pierced My hands and My feet.
How much Blood Conchiglia.
It goes in spurts abundant along all the Body
that makes barely recognizable the pure color of My Skin.
The Blood... 
dripping from My Head crowned with thorns descends upon My Holy Face.
covers My Eyes... the nose... the Mouth... 
so much... that because of this... I can not breath... 
from the Hands... the Blood runs to the ground.
Oh how much Blood... Conchiglia.
How My Man can... still not comprehend... 
that... that Blood spilled is Lymph of Life... it is Lymph of Love?
Here... all that were around Me saw Me suffer
see My Body that suffers every second
see the pain printed on My Face and... 
see that an unarmed man... is dying.
O Conchiglia... 
how to even describe... all that I have tried?
It is impossible for man... any man... 
to comprehend the Pains of a Man on the Cross.
Pains that were both physical and spiritual because... 
where are My friends?
Those who followed Me faithfully every day
and have lived with Me... ate with Me... 
and attended to My miracles of healing... and others?
Where did My Witnesses go?
I remained alone... 
everyone was frightened... and have abandoned Me.
But My Mother was there... John was there... Magdalene was there... 
the only ones... who have had the courage to witness
and live until the end... every moment of My Suffering.
Yes... Conchiglia... 
because when you really love... and I repeat really 
you want to be close to your loved one... 
at all times... in every circumstance.
It is precisely in this time of grief
that love is manifested fully... 
by participating in the pain of the other.
My smallest but great consolations were 
the Tears of My Mother... of John... and of Magdalene.
Think... Conchiglia... 
they... were trying to hide their Tears
but I saw them... and not only... 
I felt them on the My Skin to refresh from this torment
that the flesh burning and torn... procured Me.
that Day I was left alone.
But as I already told you... I saw you all.
My Father has given Me the Grace
to see all those who were waiting for Me.
You were all there... under My Cross.
Yes... Conchiglia... 
because I told you... for Me time does not have time.
Each spasm of Mine... 
was a multitude of men and women who were saved
and every drop of My Blood... 
calmed your thirst... of Love.
Conchiglia... Conchiglia... how many things I would tell you.
Many things I have already dictated in other Writings... but I Am tired.
My head begins to spin... 
the Blood that flows out empties Me... the Body and the Senses... 
sometimes it will cloud the Eye sight... 
I feel that My body does not respond to My commands... 
I Am tired Conchiglia... so tired... and I Am dying... 
in a few hours everything will be accomplished... as it is written in the Holy Book.
Everything has been fulfilled... as by the Prophets of yesterday
and everything will be fulfilled... as by the Prophets of today.
I know... you are blamed and slandered
but do not mind at foolish people... 
you are working for God and you will sure not be acclaimed
but... they will do to you worse than what they did to me.
I say worse... because I know your weakness
because as the worst... the real thing... 
only to Me it has been done that is most inhumane could do.
The whole hell had mobilized and hurled against Me
through people who were around.
I... Jesus... Who from the Trinity speaks to you
I wanted you next to Me even on this day.
I said it... 
only intimate friends have been and are involved
in My Acts... of My Pain... and of My Joys.
Please... Conchiglia... pray... My children.
Today fulfills a Perfect Murder... as God is Perfect.
I mean to say to My son... 
that I love him and protect him from all harm.
Call upon Me and pray continually... 
because much can be done by your prayers to save other Souls.
I bless you children... 
wait for My Death and My Resurrection
in the Name of the Father
of the Mother
of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.

Abandon yourself unto Me Conchiglia.
Allow Me to take your heart in My hands and softly caress it.
Allow that I may open it to those who want to look inside.
I will do it softly Daughter... but even with the most possible gentleness... 
you will experience pain... so much pain.
Opening your heart... it will bleed so much because of the love that I have taken from you.
I had to make you feel so much pain to comprehend a little... 
the pain of My Mother every time she separated from Me.
Every time I walked away from Her to go to My brothers and sons... 
We looked into the eyes of each other without speaking.
Our Hearts were talking among themselves... 
fluttered at Unison... 
caressing softly... they looked at each other
and they bled together.
All this in silence... without pronouncing a word.
Only moans of the Heart inexpressible and dumb
since One and the Other... 
we did not want to show Our grief so as not hurt Us
such was the love that enveloped us.
Our hands crossed each other
in the affectionate and loving embraces
and the caresses interchanged procured joy to Our Hearts.
it is really indescribable pain that My Holy Mother
felt every time I walked away from Her
because she knew My Mission.
Now just imagine how much pain
and how much sadness she has tried
waiting for the sabbath day... before My Resurrection.
Such was the pain.
The anguish gripped Her.
Tears had burned the delicate skin of the face
they were so bitter and copious.
But was sure to see Me beyond all human hope... 
kept Her awake and alive even if Her breath had become undetectable
because of Her doing if careful... not to make noise.
She almost did not breath... 
to seize the moment in which She would see Me again.
Despite Our Hearts... 
united in the project of Redemption... 
She remained Mother of Her Son who Died on the Cross
and Her pains of Mother can comprehend it just as a mother from whom 
a son has been taken.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.



1325... 1362... 
during this time the Glory of God in the hearts of many children
dozed off in a particular way
giving way to the enemy of God
to undertake the most mercenary battle.
During this time the spirits went out.
The darkness took over the charity and the man even realized
to have changed the course of events of Human history.
But I... Jesus the Risen Christ say:
men... My children... My brothers... 
My blazing Light will be seen from every corner of the Earth
since this is My Infinite Life Energy... 
to dazzle the whole Universe
with all the Galaxies and their inner universes.
The Light of the World which I Am
has conquered the darkness has defeated evil forever... 
to ensure that the children of God and only those... 
might return cleansed and repentant to the House of the Father.
Ah... the House of the Father.
Have you ever imagined the House of the Father?
Each room is to represent a world.
A world to explore and govern
with wisdom... intellect and love.
Did I not say that I would ascend to the Father to prepare a place?
Well in Heaven there is a place for each of you.
A world all your own... for each of you children who love Me
and at the time established by the Father
you will be given the keys of science to understand everything
so that the Magnificat triumphs in its entirety:
« ... He has put down the mighty from their thrones... and exalted the humble... »
means that those who now hold the power in all fields
both social and clerical and use it improperly... 
will be dethroned
and the power to govern will be given to the children of God
those who love Him and serve Him in purity of heart
and they will be able to instruct the people
so that God may be truly known and truly loved.
Yes... because only if you know God can you love Him
and comprehend the value of His Death undergone on the Cross
and the value of His Resurrection.
My dear sons and brothers... 
be joyful in this day do not grieve for your crosses.
As heavy as they are they shall be laid
and you shall be glorified in body and spirit like Me
and your Soul will emanate light from within and it will be visible on the outside.
You will be Gods in Me... because you originate in Me... and you are part of Me
since your Soul is nothing other than Pure Energy sprung from God
and every Soul has the faculty to decide freely
at the end of his earthly life... 
to return to God or not.
I Jesus... I God... I the Risen One... who has opened the Gates of Heaven
that are still invisible to your eyes
but from which you will see the Angels and Saints descend
for the realization of the Union between Heaven and Earth.
I Jesus... who from the Trinity speaks to you I say:
shout to the world that I come.
And also... 
that I want to find My children and siblings ready
because if they are not ready... 
there will not be time to further wait
and already have passed more than two thousand years.
Also tell them of the wonders prepared for them... 
largely compensating each of their suffering
and they will live really and truly... 
the New Renovated Earth.
Here... I The Risen one... Am walking among you
but like the disciples of Emmaus... 
you will recognize Me only by the breaking of the bread.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.



I embrace you only with the Gaze
since My Hands are imprisoned... 
by your sins and injustices.
Look at Me again... what do you see?
See a man turn his gaze onto the world
because it is your world He wants to save.
Look at Me again Conchiglia... what do you see?
See My side pierced on the right side
from which Blood and Water gush to wash you
with the Love that I have in the Heart.
Look at Me again Conchiglia... what do you see?
See a man inert from spasms
who is contorting in great pain.
Look at Me again Conchiglia... what do you see?
See My Shoulder torn up to the Bone
with the Flesh mixed with the clotted Blood
where the Cross hideously prowled.
Look at Me again Conchiglia... what do you see?
See My Knees have wounds all over
as they represent your lack of will to resist sin.
Conchiglia... look again... what do you see?
My swollen and red Eyes... 
burned by the dust... from the air and from the sun... 
but above all by the bitter tears I shed for you because I love you.
Look at Me again Conchiglia... what do you see?
My swollen Face from the beating and the blows that I received without restraint... 
to deface a Just Man who wanted to teach the world
the Way... to go to Paradise.
Look at Me again Conchiglia... what do you see?
The agony of My Mother... of John and of Magdalene
The only ones left to pick up that Blood
and to console Me at the moment of death.
Look again Conchiglia... what do you see?
cunning people... smart and silly
who did not comprehend the true and only love I bore
for the preference of a people who did not recognize Me
and that again today... pay for the faults of the past.
Look again Conchiglia... what do you see?
A black sky... swollen with emotion for his God
Who cries in the rain that falls on the Earth... 
as to wash the traces of your treason.
Look again Conchiglia... what do you see?
Even the Sun is hidden from this view
since its God of Love is dying... 
He wants to hide from the world your last Lament.
Look again Conchiglia... what do you see?
even the Earth trembles with such horror
yes because the whole Nature... has not accepted your dishonor.
Conchiglia... tell everyone to come and meet Me
because as you can see... My legs are not free
to go where I have done so much good to My brothers.
O Conchiglia... caress now My Feet
as you see... I Am nailed to this Cross... 
as to stand and not be able to go
where I would like to redeem and forgive... 
but it is you who have prevented My Holy Feet
to still perform Good all over the World.
You are none other than Pharisees.
Either you turn to see me... 
tortured and Dead on the Cross.
Now they are reaping the result
of a holy murder perpetrated to your God.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.

Conchiglia... we want to talk a bit about God?
Be not surprised and be not afraid... I will not get you in trouble... 
I feel you trembling in the heart.
You say:
« How do you talk to God without a holy fear? »
It is true. You said it right. But it is I who speaks.
I Am Jesus... in love with you and through you I find Myself in the world... 
so that upon My Return they will know how to recognize Me
a bit as has happened to the disciples of Emmaus.
With them... I walked the road
with them... I also talked about Me
with them... I then ate and drank... 
but they have only recognized Me in the breaking of bread.
Because they had heard of this fact from My Apostles.
Now the same will happen... yes because I Am alive... I Am Risen.
And now as then... as God Resurrected... I redo the same things.
I will walk the road with you 
I will talk with you about everything and about Me
I will eat at your table and then... you shall recognize Me.
In the breaking of bread?
Even My Word... is bread.
It is the bread of life.
You Eucharistic Word... I have told you.
Yes... by the Words that I will say you will recognize Me
because you remember to have heard them... 
reading these Words dictated to Conchiglia and to other chosen children.
And then... you too... when I Am away you will say:
« But did not your heart beat... when he spoke? »
Children... children... 
will not your heart beat strong also at this time that you read Me?
If your heart beats... it is because I transmit Love.
And as a « sea shell » brings you the whisper of the sea... 
another « Conchiglia » brings you the sweet sound of My Words.
I bless you children. I love you children. Attend to Me with joy.
I return with My Mother the Virgin Mary.
In the Name of the Father
of the Mother... 
of the Son... 
and of the Holy Spirit.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.



I Am here Conchiglia... 
and I look at you and I love you... and I speak to you.
I Am here My sons and brothers... 
and now more than ever I suffer for your human condition.
From up high on the Cross which still drips of My Blood 
and drips of the blood of so many of My children and brothers in the World... 
I look at you one by one and My Gaze reaches far 
to every place... even the most remote and unexplored.
My Gaze caresses everything and every creature... 
caresses every river... every valley... every mountain... 
every sea... every blade of grass and clod of soil.
Yes... My Gaze embraces all of Creation
but it is the Earth that I received in My Heart with more tenderness
since it is in great danger along with all its inhabitants.
My Gaze is important... 
it is important because it is the only thing I can gesture
before the greet and go embraced of Death.
Nailed as I Am in the flesh... 
My immobility is extreme and real.
As a true man I can not move... 
I Am in agony and I Am dying
but as True God... 
My Heart... My Mind... My will
My Love and My Gaze... 
are Preciousness that no one can touch or stop or seize.
It is through this that I keep you close to Me
and I show you the Divine Kingship.
Yes... I show it through My suffering Person
that has accepted and accept everything for your love... 
to save you... to give you an example... 
to support you and always be close
at the time of your greatest weakness and suffering
because only those who know suffering can understand those who suffer.
Sons and brothers of Mine... 
what would you like to hear Me say on a day like this?
Do sensational news attract you?
New things?
What do you want to talk to Me about?
About the future?
Today is your future.
What you are today is what you will be tomorrow and the last day... 
in the Present of God.
Every man is what he is.
You can only get better in the Good or worse in the evil.
You are what you have decided to be
therefore blame not onto others or the circumstances
your moral inadequacies.
Everyone is responsible for himself.
You try to turn your eyes to yourself.
What do you see?
Then... try to turn it towards your poorest and neediest brethren
and toward the rich of haughtiness and money.
What do you see?
Try to linger onto the nuances... the sensations.
Look for the answers within yourself since they are there... you know them already.
Then try to turn your gaze
towards Me that I Am here on My Cross... 
I say Mine because I have embraced it and loved it to save you
if you want to be saved.
Yes... take a good look at Me... 
study... meditate... scrutinize every fold and every wound of My Body.
Receive the acrid smell of sweat... 
of dust... of spit and Blood
and other smells that from modesty I do not list
but I remind you to reflect 
on the meaning of suffering and battered Flesh
of an unarmed man who although Innocent is dying
because as God can and wants to save you.
Sons and brothers of Mine do not depart from Me
only because it upsets you what you see and it also disgusts you.
Do not turn away from Me because you fear to acknowledge your sins.
Do not turn away from Me because you fear My Gaze
that reads you as if you were an open book.
Know that My Gaze is the Gaze of God.
However Gaze of Love
even when it is severe... and reproaches you for your own good.
Yes children and brothers of Mine... 
I welcome My Gaze upon you and love It.
It is My free Gaze that can reach you wherever you are.
It is My free Gaze that can fly together with you... to the Father.
Do not be afraid to kneel
and humbly ask forgiveness from the Father
God the Creator... Holy and Omnipotent.
This is the hour... 
this is the most Sacred and Holy moment of all Times... 
this is the most solemn and high hour in Love and Dignity... 
this is the hour of trusting abandonment to God the Father... 
this is the hour of My Death that will give you Life.
Here Conchiglia... 
now I Am tired... so tired... 
the sight fogs... the breath is exhausted... the saliva is not there... 
everything burns Me and hurts Me... 
My Heart is Broken... 
the bowels I no longer control
and I Am ashamed for My violated Modesty... 
that few have meditated.
Even My Mother has her gaze upon Me... She never turned away.
She lived and lives every moment of Mine.
I Am in Her and She is in Me... United always and forever.
What agony Conchiglia... is the gaze of My Mother on Me.
It is the biggest pain to see the gaze of My Mother on Me.
And yet... Our Gazes love one other... they call one another... 
they embrace... they caress and kiss tenderly
merging one another... amalgamating with Our Bodies
they are invisible to your eyes... are being One in the Father.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.

Conchiglia I know you are hurting.
Now I want to describe what you feel.
You feel inside yourself as something that flows and is coming out.
You feel a strange tremor of the limbs.
Within them... it is like a tingling that invades you all
and it grows in intensity until it causes pain.
It is an unnatural pain... 
since it is not caused by an actual trauma
but it is the blood that comes out and empties the blood vessels
until you feel the painful veins.
The itch you feel is similar to what I felt
when the dust... on My Body flushed from the sun... 
obstructed the pores of My Skin.
The head pain you are feeling on the forehead
is the torment of those thorns
that have been stuck with unprecedented ferocity.
it will not last long this your illness and this your discomfort
but I want you to bear it for a while... only for love.
Accept it daughter... do not try to move it away from you
do not even ask Me why.
I want to tell you only... 
that Saturday night was the night of My descent into hell
to liberate all My brothers and My children who were waiting for Me for a long time
and this could not have happened if I had not first died on the Cross.
The death on the Cross was... besides all a mockery I made to satan.
How?... Why?
Because while he could see Me dead on the Cross
and already grinned his satisfaction... I had blinded him
and neither he... nor the others saw that I went into hell to get
all the Souls redeemed by My Blood.
It is true... I was inert on the Cross and exposed to reproaches of all... 
but My Spirit... 
before exhaling its last gasp confused and blinded satan... 
who drunk with happiness on seeing Me... according to him... defeated... 
he did not notice anything.
Only one of My disciples realized it.
It is up to you to find out who he was.
on saturday evening and night... 
is a day of which satan has appropriated
because he could not bear the insult suffered and then... 
since for him the time is not as your time
since then he tries to take away from Me as many Souls as possible.
On the night of saturday... I saved all My children from hell
and he... tries to take others there... to humiliate Me.
O Conchiglia... 
tell My younger children that life is a beautiful gift
and this is not endured by satan
that is why... he continues to cause deaths on the roads
because of their debauchery and of drugs
of tiredness and drunkenness
and intoxication caused by unbridled lust
satan... the prince of this world
has appropriate with your free consent
of a Sacred and Holy day... which is that of My Saturday.
It is no coincidence... that My Holy Mother Mary
asked the shepherd children in Fatima
the devotion of the first Saturdays of the month.
This pain that I offer you Conchiglia... 
is the value represented by My Blood poured out for all of you
who are in the World but who are not of the World.
The largest and most serious outrage that is still perpetrated
is to give the Holy Eucharist on the hands.
Favorite children Priests... 
in this Holy Week preceding My Easter
convert especially you... if you then want to help all My children
in the way of their conversion.
Give Me My Rights.
Honour Me and praise Me how it should be done.
Retake the Ancient Rules... those who knew about the Sacred.
Now the Sacred no longer exists in your Liturgy.
Compared to before... it just seems cool water... too fresh... 
because know children... that My Blood was warm
as warm was also the Water that gushes along with It.
Take care to mentally prepare
and reflect on My Passion of Love... because I said:
This Blood is poured out for many... and did not say... it is shed for all... 
In fact... only those who love Me and follow Me in every way
even in the sufferings of body and spirit
will benefit of Holy Privileges.
Remember that God is Merciful but also Just
and as a Just God... 
can not give the same retribution to who does not love Me and does not follow Me.
The Holy Sacrifice that is perpetuated every day
I have left you to do... My Priests
who worthily represent Me by My Will... 
just to show that My Mercy
would welcome every child who repentant and contrite
would come to Me.
But who does not repent and does not grieve their own sins... 
how can it pretend... even only to think... 
that My Blood was shed for all?
pass these writings to the Priests.
To reflect on Holy Scripture that have been ill-translated
and have the courage to follow Me their God.
When I said to Peter:
Do you love Me more than these?
I intended to ask him... 
if he loved Me above any other brother... although loved by him
and no... 
that his love for Me was to be superior to the love
that the brothers felt for Me.
I never liken love among yourselves to Me
because everyone can freely love Me.
Heaven weeps to see My Church of today.
It is always moving away more from Me to get closer to men.
But alas... in this way it moves them away from Me
and the space between Me and the World becomes a huge distance.
Take account of being in a football field... because you like it so much
and I... Jesus... Am the Goalkeeper of God the Father... 
while the opposing team is satan with his goalkeeper.
if a Son of Mine... a Priest who is in the field wants to score a goal... 
must run... must fight... to be shrewd and clever
and must do everything to defend the Goalpost... 
where the Goalkeeper is ready to block all the punches of the opponents.
Here children... 
this is a grueling game and I Am a Special Goalkeeper 
but I have seen that while blocking all the shots that come from the other side... 
My player Priests are tired
and are no longer able to defend the Goalpost.
I do not go well with this word game... 
since the game is still in place
and even at the last minute you may be able to win over the adversary.
I Am Invincible by the adversary enemy
but I wish that you participate in the Victory... 
and the game is played taking into account
Honesty... Good Will... Love and Truth.
You suffered daughter... this friday of Lent
how many hours... you have waited for My Message with pen in hand.
Deliberately daughter I wanted this... 
to remind everyone of the importance of waiting.
I Am the Bridegroom and I made an appointment with the Virgin
and the Bridegroom who is delayed... Comes... 
just as I came to you in this Writing you have waited and waited.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.



The « Sabbath » of silence fell on the world Conchiglia... 
but the world... has not respected the silence of the « Sabbath ».
I... have respected it for all... 
and saturday I have not dictated any Word.
The Word... is communion with God.
The Word... I told you... is Eucharistic Word.
And as the empty Tabernacle... you are left empty of Me.
I... Jesus... who from the Trinity speaks to you
I felt your pain and I used if for My purpose on the world.
the world does not want to comprehend it arrived at its destination.
Destination... it means having to stop.
Having to stop... it means having to take note
the place where you stopped and then... to decide which way to go
to be able to continue the journey.
Attentive sons... I told you... you are at a crossroads
and you have no more time to waste... 
to decide where to go and what to do.
If you take the wrong way forward before the Eyes of the Father... 
nothing more can be done... because you have decided in total freedom.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.


I Am Jesus... 
your Jesus of Love Conchiglia... 
and I wish to speak about the death of man.
But prior to this it is necessary I remind the distracted people 
what you have always been told
and that is that your heart Conchiglia... is connected to Me... 
that your mind... is connected to Me.
Well... now I speak of Death.
It is a subject as delicate as unknown.
Man is born and man dies... 
since the Beginning of the Creation of the First Man
yet you know very little about Death
since he who dies... 
can not recount and witness its own death.
I Am the Only One... 
who can tell you about Death recounting what happens 
because I Am... 
The Risen... The Risen from the dead.
Since the Beginning of Life of the First Man Adam... 
the Father had provided for the Death of His Creature
but not as you know it now
and much less by hands of man.
Death as Life... is in the Hands of the Father
and all that is in His Hands is Holy.
As Holy is Life... as Holy is Death.
You must look at Life... 
as a Special Passage
since life is a Precious Gift
and you must look at Death... 
as the return to the House of the Father.
If you look at Life and Death... 
as they had been envisaged by the Father
you can do no other than to ascertain
that in these is Perfect Balance
and balance produces stability and mental serenity.
Yes... I say mental... because man today 
tends to banish from his mind the argument of death.
If you think calmly
you can achieve what I want you to comprehend.
At the beginning of the life of Man... 
we must necessarily pause.
I accompany you in this mental journey
to give you sufficient knowledge
to confront Death with confidence.
The death of the First Man and First Woman
should have been a smooth transition
between the first life that is life on Earth
and the Second Life that is the True Life in God
in the Cosmic Dimension of God.
As a result of Original Sin however... 
the Balance that the Father had established
was brutally broken.
The Adam through disobedience to the Father
broke the genetic equilibrium
which regulated the Life and Death of Man.
The Adam is responsible
you now have the explanation
and I Myself as Man-God... 
I paid for all of the Sins of Adam.
The first to die was Abel
but it should not have been so.
This was not the Will of the Father.
Adam generating Cain... 
established death in a way not intended by the Father.
Abel should have grown and multiplied
but instead... 
he was killed by the hybrid fruit of Adam
and as to say... Cain... 
by genetics half man and half animal
having himself animal instincts and... reasoning and word of man.
Think again calmly
and visualize Adam and the First Innocent Woman.
And then visualize Me Jesus and My Mother Mary
and analyze some things.
Only I Jesus... Man-God on Earth
could remedy the mistake of Adam
and I was Crucified and Died on the Cross.
I Am Dead by the hands of man... by the will of man
in the « way of man » heartbroken in the Flesh.
Instead the First Woman was Innocent
and My Mother Mary has experienced... 
the Will of the Will of the Father
with a smooth passage in the « way of God »
without agony or suffering in the flesh.
Adam guilty and My Death the « way of man »... 
the First Woman innocent 
and passage of Mary in the « way of God»

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.

In your thoughts there is no room for so much My children
your prayers will contain them all.
Son many are in the World I will place you close
you pray and offer your love for them.
The pain will be the manna that will nourish your heart
that only with Me is well.
it is a while that I wait for you
write... I have to talk about something that presses Me vethat My love is boundless for all of you? good in the eyes of others
have comprehended nothing of My Will... 
I look in the hideaway and to love... that I search in the heart.
Offer means accepting to be used by Me
for all My intentions of love.
Offer yourself children... the more that you are I may Operate well
It is I who manage My World.
The will is what I want.
Love... supports My everything.
The Sun will do great things... you will see the signs in the sky
that your instruments have already cultured and others will seize.
The Moon darkens suddenly changing its own color
the stars will peep... never again you will see them in the Cosmos.
I change everything... you can not know these things yourself.
Come on baby... be not afraid it is I who dictate you the love.
Be happy to participate to My Holy purpose and design.
You should jump and dance of joy for the Gift that I gave you.
Offer these Words to all... they will also love them
thy know that here is their God but hear Me speak like this
gives strength and courage in these End Times
to calmly face and love what will be.
Many things I have to say... take hold of your patience
at this moment you can feel Me.
You have the impression that I have said much... what else can I have to say?
I read your thoughts I told you... to Me nothing is hidden of you.
I have to tell you where the World goes
is falling further down... down deep
The abyss is ahead of you... never again will you ascend now
I Am waiting for the last children... those who have already waited much.
I have closed the door... just missing a moment now
there is no more... time to remedy... 
outside remained those who did not want Me
I want from you only prayer... 
I saw who was there last night... your vigil rose towards Me.
I waited for you with anxiety and love
three crowns... three Holy crowns I felt rise from the heart
this is how you should pray every day
this is how My Mother is happy
this is how you should do to attract more people to Me.
The Rosary is the most powerful weapon
that the Devil does not even dare to look... 
the love that rises from the prayer blinds him
he seems to win but instead has lost...
there are many children that I brought with me.
Your confidence in My doing the things pleases Me
Conchiglia continue the path you took.
The things of the world leave them to Me... I will also manage them for you.
The love you feel for My Priests is felt in your praise... 
you love them with a clean heart
because by so much you have comprehended
they are a Gift for all of you.
They are My beloved children I chose in the World
to announce My Return to the World.
I will walk on your Earth
I will step on the soil that I have stepped on... 
I will walk beside you all and you will see Me among the folk.
I will walk in Heaven and on Earth and there will never be boundaries.
John is beside Me... also him you will see again
with our lungs we will breathe the same air that you have.
It will be clean air since renewed
from the many debris that have accumulated.
It will be clean air that children will have... 
their growing will be happy.
No more death... pain and tears
you mothers... pray for your children.
Listen to this daughter who has offered herself to Me
her life she has put into My hands
and I Am using her as it please Me.
Her sufferings are heart aches
you will never see with your own eyes... 
are wounds that bleed but that only I can see from here.
They are open wounds that no one sees but that I know well.
She My Conchiglia has given Me Everything and everything I will give her.
What I have promised... 
is also for you if you follow her example.
Love must be the center of your work and of your thinking.
Imagine your meeting with Me... 
as of now it can be amazing.
Yes it is true... I was I who saw the Conchiglia
on day that on the book she wrote.
It was I who was crying of Love in already seeing her ordeal
it would be hard... I saw her... I knew and I cried
I never enjoy the pain of the children that I have chosen.
I would never suffer so much... 
but the pain does not come from Me
is the evil that I will put to the side.
Yes... I saw the beautiful Conchiglia
I was naked and it was winter.
I Am always naked now... 
from that day on the wood of the Cross.
You have stripped Me... 
and I accepted to be one of you to show you the Way
that all have to do to reach the Father.
Strip yourselves sons of your pride... 
strip yourselves sons of the things in the world... 
strip yourselves sons of all idols...
strip yourselves sons also of your pain... 
offer it to Me with love... and even with that I will do wonders.
I change everything into good... the Devil has lost from the start.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.

« Children of God that you are... 
we reached this Easter... by received Graces
because Mary is the Author of the wait request... from the Father.
Children of God... convert because the day is near
and no... the time is near... the day... the day... the day.
Jesus comes.
Comes very soon... 
and we must and have to... prepare ourselves and be ready quickly.
Jesus Christ is truly Risen
Comes to fulfill what he Said... 
namely to establish His Kingdom on Earth.
There may not be a Kingdom on Earth... at the end of the world... 
but at the end of the evil times... yes.
His Kingdom is a Kingdom of Love and Peace... of Joy and Glory... 
and this path... is not already in the world.
Scripture is fulfilled.
And the prayer of the « Our Father » becomes alive and present
since it is the most important prayer of the world that comes true.
Have faith and be not afraid because Jesus
arrives to dry every tear
and to heal every disease for His Glory... 
for the Glory of the Father and the Glory of the Holy Spirit.
Jesus will give Glory also to His Mother Mary
and Their United Hearts will Triumph... 
since Jesus himself would say to all of you
and you will hear with your ears these words:
without the « Yes » of Mary... 
nothing would be accomplished in the world.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.


In 1978, some NASA experts involved in the STURP project (Shroud of Turin Research Project Inc.),
subjected the Turin Holy Shroud to detailed analysis. The technician who had photographed the Holy Face of Jesus,
from an atheist that he was, became a believer. In fact, while performing a series of photographic treatments,
during the seventh “treatment", Jesus showed Himself with open eyes, which instead are closed on the Holy Shroud.

The dazzling light that surrounded My Resurrected Body
confused bystanders and no one recognized Me.
Only the love of Magdalene has broken the Celestial Barrier 
and she recognized Me with eyes of love.
That dazzling light pierced her Soul before her eyes
that have remained blocked to love.
Having no words to explain to anyone
what she had perceived and seen... 
puzzled at the thought of having to say it in her own words
because there was no appropriate term... .
And if there was... it was unknown to her.
She went on the road drunken of love saying:
« I saw Him... I saw the Master... I saw Jesus... I have seen the Lord. »
Nobody believed... in that holy moment when she said... « I saw Him »
but then... her eyes enchanted and blissful convinced whoever was before her.
O sweet Mary Magdalene... she wept at My Feet
and she has collected the glory of God as a reward.
O My Magdalene also you weep you at My Feet... 
not for Me but for your children pray for them... and their many dangers.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.

Loyalty to thy brother did not win price before the Eyes of God... 
because God who sees all as equal before Him. All are His children.
Your honest heart will earn the trust of thy brother and of God
and no treasure is as good as owning the trust of others and of God.
My sons and brothers... I... Jesus... who from the Trinity speak
before you should have shown others what I was like... as a Man... 
and for this is why I died on the Cross.
It is for this My Death... scandalous in the eyes of many
is that I have gained your trust... 
your respect... and your love.
Then... only then you comprehend that man apparently losing... 
was and is in all His majesty the True and Only God.
My children... one day will come and it will be very soon
that you will walk among yourselves and no longer fear each other
and you will blindly trust each other... 
and there will be mutual respect and mutual love
the protective barriers that you now have in your homes will no longer serve... 
nor in your companies nor in your lands.
The borders will no longer be marked
the States will no longer be divided
and the World will be called by one and only name
because every child will own the Earth.
The love that will reign everywhere will be mainly inside of you... 
for this such a change will be possible.
There will no longer be the poor and the rich
the unfortunate and the fortunate
the sick and the healthy
the young and the old
the honest and the dishonest
the bad and the good.
Everything will be absolute harmony in man... in nature... in the animals... 
and everything to seal the Words described by John
which are in the Holy Book.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.

Man is the most beautiful tabernacle on Earth
but Mary... My Mother... 
the most pure and most glorious Virgin of virgins
is the Absolute Tabernacle of God... 
God... who wanted to give Himself through Mary... 
His spiritual vehicle generated and created.
Daughter... My Conchiglia... 
these moments of anguish that I gave to your heart and to your complete being
have served Me to instill love within those... who no more gives love.
Arid have become My children... they are closed to the world... 
and then I... I enclose them.
I remove from them My fresh water.
I will make them taste what it means to be thirsty... 
that thirst is not quenched with water that I have given you for Life
but it extinguishes only with My Word... 
that Living Water which is full of unspeakable delights.
You can open and read all the existent books in the world
but in the end... you will end up full of you and empty of Me.
Only I... Jesus... who from the Trinity speak
I can fill in the gaps of your heart and then... 
as I asked in a Message already given
come forward with courage and witness.
Bear Witnesses to the Cross of My Suffering of Love
and to the Glorious Resurrection... 
and remember that My Presence is already among you... and you have not noticed.
I walk among you Alive and True... 
I look at you... I assess you... and I scrutinize you
and I am choosing from among you... who will live with Me and evangelize in the World
to the last one even the most hidden son.
I Am recruiting in concealment of My various aspects
with proposals suited to your personality.
There are already among you who has self-excluded... 
but I look at the hearts and good will.
now is the time to stop a while... turn to the world... 
and to dedicate yourself entirely to Me.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.

Let Us Pray

My Father... always forgive... 
this unfaithful and inconclusive man
who loves you and has comprehended his own mistakes.
My Father... hear my lament
at this time I am unable to repair
and now... I offer the Sacrifice of Your Son
who for me has died on the Cross.
Accept also my sincere tears 
they are very little compared to the pain caused
but I offer my pain with very repentant heart
promising not to behave any more... as in the past.


Conchiglia della Santissima Trinità

( Schio, Vicenza, Italy )

Prayer of Conchiglia

Lord My God... have mercy on me and the whole world.
Lord My God... accept my pure love that I purge upon the Earth
so Your Holy Feet can rest on it.
Accept my supreme pain... sign of acceptance to Thy Will.
Accept my tears all... 
sign of repentance for the People who await You
because they love you and believe and hope in You.
It is true My Lord... we remain a few... 
Your People « Israel » is tired and exhausted.
Lying on the ground they will drag towards You who are the Goal... 
towards You who are the Light
towards You who you are the Way
towards You who are the Truth
towards You who are the Life.
O My Lord... 
in my name and in the name of Thy People « Israel »
I ask for forgiveness for all the faults and all the sins
especially for the sins of Your Consecrated
who have betrayed You and not believed... because they have not loved You.
O My Lord... 
to Thee I turn in order that Your Return is perceived near
in the heart of all those children who are willing to give their lives for You.
O My Lord... 
listen to the voice of the most weak in the flesh and in spirit.
Make yourself sensitive so sublime
so that they have the certainty of Your Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist
and this... in waiting to see You as You really Are:
the Risen... 
the Living
the Present
the Invincible
the Holy of Holies... 
as in Heaven as on Earth.
O My Lord... 
make so that Your Kingdom composed of Your subjects is visible all over the Earth
since there can be no Kingdom without subjects.
In fact it is the subjects who love... respect... and serve their King... 
who outlines the Kingdom.
O My Lord... 
great is my sorrow to as certain that even Thy People... 
has not realized that your kingdom is already here.
It is true... it is still a small Kingdom for now
since there are few subjects but it is the Kingdom that you promised.
It is on this Earth Your Kingdom... now.
We must increase the subjects so that this Kingdom grows.
Blind is the man in the heart who still pays attention to the false prophets
who make believe any kind of change.
This is the Earth that you gave to man.
Here... it has to return as it was in the Beginning.
Our Earth must again become Heaven on Earth... 
untouched by sin first of all
and then... untouched by the consequences of the errors
causing damage to the whole of Nature.
Lord My God... 
bestow Mercy unto Thy People « Israel »
applying Your Holy and Relentless Justice
annihilating the children who are not Yours
otherwise Thy True Children will succumb due to their small number.
Lord My God... 
I love you and I offer myself now and always to Thee for all my brothers.
It is true I am tired... I am exhausted... I am really a finger from the ground.
Time has come of Your Promise to my rescue
so that others recognize Your Infinite and Holy Power.
Yours is the time... 
Yours is the timeless and space-less space.
Yours are all the elements that you are unleashing to purify the Earth
to show to Thy People that everything is going on as you told me long ago.
Lord My God... here I am.
Am Your Conchiglia... I am Your daughter
that so honors You... loves You... and praises You... 
asking again... LORD... FORGIVENESS.

O Jesus... We adore Thee, and we praise Thee... 
because by Thy Holy Death on the Cross Thou hast Redeemed the World.



07 of april 2012 - 05.45 - The Most Holy Trinity
12° Anniversary of the First Revelation given to Conchiglia

" From the Unity you have been called
to represent Us in the World... 
that world that still dripping with blood... 
blood of the children of God
that Lucifer hates and does not want to inhabit the World.
From the Unity you have been called... 
for the most important Work of the Third Millennium... 
Millennium that began with you « seventh of april of the year two thousand »... 
« Twelfth Year of the Third Millennium after Conchiglia ».
And now they will say:
« Conchiglia has blasphemed... worthy of death ».
How weird... 
they said the same thing to Jesus: «... to death you have blasphemed ».
what we have told you are « high Words »
Words that have shaken the shabby Temple which is the current Church... 
Words that enter the World as an « atomic explosion »... 
Words that make the Earth shake
worse than a worldwide earthquake and devastating to the nth degree.
do not think... write
fear not... write
and remain faithful to the promises
remain within the Will of God One and Triune 
that can afford to say and to create all
and God decided to create a « New Day » that the New Dawn
will manifest.
There will be many incredulous... but there will be those who will comprehend.
Do not calculate the time measuring it to how you are accustomed... 
you should strive to measure it in the way of God
because that which will be... already Is... 
it has always been... 
is « Ab Aeterno ». "

07 of april 2012 - 06.10 - Jesus
12° Anniversary of the Revelations given to Conchiglia

" Even your atoms were quiet Conchiglia... 
your substance is like frozen.
It is difficult to find a term comprehensible to the multitude.
And now... allow Me to simply tell you... 
« mom I love you... I feel as your Son
because it is My mother who does the will of My Father.
Yes... I feel as your Son
because you love Me as God and yet I feel as your son... 
because you carry Me within you in the heart
because you defend Me before the World
because you protect Me in My Church
because you incline to the World to make Me known and heard... 
so that Humanity mends its ways and imitates Me.
Yes I feel as your son
because you suffer of My sufferings endured for love of Humanity.
Yes... I feel as your Son... 
because you are moved every time you see Me and hear Me.
Yes... I feel as your Son
because you are behaving like an anxious mother... 
waiting to see Me and have Me back alongside.
Here I Am mom Conchiglia... 
now it is like you are telephoning... 
I called you to tell you... 
hello mom be serene I am about to arrive... I am already on My way
also say this to My brothers and sisters that I am arriving.
Yes... your Jesus Comes returns Home to visit you
for I have said I would prepare a place for all of you.
Here... the places are ready... 
waiting to be occupied and lived in in the True Life in God.
I Jesus who from the Trinity have spoken I bless you Conchiglia
and I bless all My children and brothers
in the Name of the Father
of the Mother
of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit
and I remind you that I Have come to Glorify the Father
and You to Glorify the Mother. "

07 of april 2012 - 06.40 - Mary Most Holy 
12° Anniversary of the Revelations

" I Am the Mother Mary Conchiglia... 
and today the Church commemorates a profound silence.
The silence that « proceeds from Hope»
« fruit of the Faith in the Words of My Son
who has said... yes... do not cry Mother I will Rise again.
It is an important day which « precedes the Eternal Salvation ».
Yes... only if you have Faith and believe in Jesus you will have Salvation
and the Resurrection of Jesus is the proof of life that does not end
but it continues and expands and evolves from one Planet to another... 
from one Dimension to another Dimension... with no time limit.
you have to see the Creation as a « Wheel »... 
so many times there was talk of the « Wheel ».
Each spoke of the « Wheel » of God represents a Dimension.
Everything is comprised within this « Wheel » of God
and God contemplates it because He contains it.
Inside it... 
the All Created in the Eternal Present of God exists and lives
and « Wheel » turns... continuously turns... 
since not even the weather turns Time.
Time does not go on a continue and straight line... but turns.
Space does not go on a continue and straight line... but turns.
As in Heaven as on Earth... 
on Earth the « Wheel »... 
but first in Heaven « the Cosmic Wheel ». "

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus and Mary,
as taught by Jesus in the Holy Gospel... 
witness your faith, do not be afraid. 

God bless you
and The Divine Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Perfect One
protect you with your loved ones
and protect the whole World
in the Name of the Father  
of the Mother  
of the Son  
and of the Holy Spirit.  
della Santissima Trinità



occurred on Friday, 23 of May 2003, 3.00 pm at Ostina - Florence - Italy 
in the hands of Don Gian Paolo Faroni Salesian Priest of Saint John Bosco
during the daily Adoration of the Holy Eucharist

25 may 2003 - 22.30 - Jesus

" Here I Am in front of you Conchiglia
with My Body and My Blood. 
I am Alive and Real and you have always felt this in your heart. 
But how many children still doubt this? 
Is it possible that the world can not live without seeing? 
There child... this « sign » is for the world
but My Body and My Blood is given for you and for those who love Me. 
Yes Conchiglia... 
this Body and this Blood is here also for you
above all for you... 
that in the moment of trial... the terrible trial
you must take the strength and courage
from Me here present to bring to an end the mission
that We have assigned you for the world. 
When you entered by your own will into My Divine Will
you entered into Paradise that you still do not see
but that you fell in the heart when I infused you with love. 
I have said that I must be delicate with you
who loves Me so much and give to you drop by drop My Love
just like this Blood that drop by drop
shows you My real Presence among you. 1
Yes... I must dose My Love... 
for you will not be able to resist all of the joy that would invade your heart. 
You would be there immobile looking at Me and praying Me
in continuous contemplation of love. 
It is true that the prayer is necessary... so much necessary
but I must leave you the time to do the things for Me. 
Your strength is nothing... it is nothing... it is nothing. 
It is I Who can do and is doing everything since Eternity... 
for the rest I need only your FIAT of love... 
your will in My Divine Will. 
There child... 
let yourself go to the sensations that I instill in your heart
And be pleased with this. 
It is a precious gift... 
it is a unique and infinite Gift and of infinite value. 
Glorify Me through your actions and your abnegation in Me
and see the Power and the Magnificence of God that will explode in the world
doing in favour of mankind His beloved creature. 
God the Father has sent Me His Son... do you see? 
And now has sent you into the world. 
When in that morning you said the Most Holy and August Trinity
It was really referred to this precise moment. 
I love you Conchiglia... 
I love you children... 
I love you Jesus. "

1 The Revelation was received in front of the Most Holy Sacrament
which was bleeding few hours before, Eucharistic Miracle occurred at Ostina-Florence, Italy,
on Friday, 23 of May 2003 at 15.00 in the hands of Salesian Priest Gian Paolo Faroni.

2  Refer to Revelation of The Most Holy Trinity to Conchiglia on 07 of April 2000 

25 may 2003 - 22.50 - Mary Most Holy

" Hurry child and write for I am the Mother Mary. 
Even now as then I bring to you My Son Jesus
And as in the wedding of Cana I say to you: 
Do what He will tell you. 
Yes children... 
who is with Jesus is with God
and will fear nothing and will be able to do everything
through Him who operates in First Person
for you who love Him. 
Yes children... 
do what He tells you
for He will never do you harm. 
The evil that surrounds you is procured by satan
who enjoys of the children of God’s pain.
But my Son bleeds with Love and Pain
and as you can see even now offers Himself for the world. 
« Right now that He is about to come He shows Himself?»
You say. 
Yes children... He show Himself to the world to demonstrate
that the Words said to this child our Conchiglia
and to other chosen children will happen and soon. 
therefore you must hurry to convert yourselves
for time is running out
and this has already been said. 
love My Son... 
love Him immensely. 
Love Him all of you and console Him of the outrages
that He receives every instant of your time. 
Do you know how many ignominies and disgracefulness
are still said of Him today? 
He was God... is God... and will always be God... in eternal God. 
Conchiglia... I bless you and I bless all of you
in My Name and that of the Most Holy Trinity. "

26 may 2003 - 19.20 - Jesus

" You must bring Me to the world
now that I have permitted you to adore Me
as a particular Gift of Love. 
It is time to donate Me to all of your brethren. 
I have placed you in the hands of the official Church
that will crush you until the point of doing you harm
until the point of making you bleed in your heart. 
Many children who follow My Words
through you who faithfully writes them... 
have still not understood that I Am in you
and through these your words... 
the words that exit from your mouth I speak to the world
and this I say to many Priests who begin to doubt in their hearts. 
I know that the road will be full of traps and obstacles
but this is the calvary foreseen for you. 
My child... that this writing
accompany My Body and My Blood until the goal. 
What goal? 
My house... My Church... 
so that they see with their own eyes My Presence in front of them. 
Yes... present in front of them for truly I Am God
I make Myself small and humble in front of them for the Glory of God the Father. 
how can they neglect the evidence of My Body and of My Blood? 
Are they not the words of the Priests
that are pronounced on the Altar with the Consecration... 
that they permit Me to descend amongst you? 
And now that they really see Me... what will they say? 
Will they do the same as the old Sanhedrim? 
Will they say that it is the work of satan? 
Ah... children My Priests... look at yourselves. 
You are not only Priests on the outside
but you are above all Priest inside and in eternity. 
My Priests... unite yourselves together
become an armed force that is made of love
and of indefinite greatness and power for it is donated to God. 
the pledge of love will remain in your Souls forever
but who loves Me will suffer until My Coming on Earth. 
your spiritual maternity must imitate the spirituality of My Mother
who though immensely loving Me
had accepted the Will of the Father sacrificing Me... Her Son... 
the Creature who through the Holy Spirit
had filled her adored womb. 
your maternity is great and you do not know this. 
It is a maternity amongst you
that will give many fruit of love that will be eaten by the hungry
and I will feed them and will feed them in eternity. "

26 may 2003 - 19.30 - Mary Most Holy

" I am the Mother Mary Conchiglia... 
accompany again My Son with these Words. 
Bring Him again to the Calvary so that He can save you. 
This time though the Calvary will not lead to the crucifixion of My Son
but will lead to your crucifixion
for when one enters in the Divine Will
one accepts everything for pure love. 
Child... My Conchiglia... 
the Movimento d’Amore San Juan Diego
has already started in the hearts of the children who love Me and My Son Jesus
but satan is briskly working 
through other children who do not realise
that they are blocking the Project of God and slowing things down. 
say to the brethren to pray for the Movimento d’Amore San Juan Diego
for the tremendous enemy is moving around it. 
pray for those who hinder you and forgive always... always... always. "

27 may 2003 - 18.00 - Jesus

" Oh... yes child... 
let us exchange the sweetness of love in this intimacy
sought by you and wanted by Me. 
Together let us pray for the world
so that the Eternal and Holy Father still bestows Mercy. 
The world is thirsty of you and of Me as I have said. 
But this will create divisions in the hearts that are not full of Me. 
Many have not comprehended My will through your words. 
You are a woman... 
and because you are a woman you are still subjected to useless judgements
and to be subjected to micro-jealousies of the women of your time. 
It is a long time that I instruct on how I want to be reveered
honoured... adored... praised... and heard. 
I speak through you... 
for this is what pleases the Most Holy Trinity
who is your spiritual guide. 
Who thinks to be able to be your spiritual guide on Earth
should come forward with courage if he has something to recriminate... 
regarding the Words of Truth that We give you. 
Still today... as yesterday... the Word of God is placed into discussion
just like they have done with Me. 
Your « FIAT » Conchiglia has shaken hell
and every opportunity satan uses against you. 
But We child are in you and at your side and therefore you should not fear. 
There you see? 
I and you... you and I. 
What a great gift Conchiglia. 
But where are the others? 
My Body and My Blood Are here Present and prove the truth
that the Apostles of yesterday had the honour to see. 
And all of My children... 
who have the right to have Me with them and to see Me... where are they? 
I God am still not listened to
and I cry for the children who have neglected Me. 
And you suffer for you are impotent in front of all of this. 
The responsible for these events
and the depositary of the Truth... is My Holy Church. 
Read well in your hearts
and try to comprehend... if you have done everything well. "

30 may 2003 - 07.00 - Jesus

" Here I am to you Conchiglia. 
It is always too long and painful the wait for My Words
that your heart and your mind gather for the world. 
It is painful to hold your breath continuously
in waiting to be launched from the trampoline. 1
The launch from the trampoline begins with the jump into emptiness... 
to go to the depths of the water. 
And in the water... 
the sounds are both reduced and amplified
and the water surrounds and submerges... 
those who seem to disappear from the sight of the spectator
who seeing him submerged by the waves of the water... 
can also believe he is dead. 
but suddenly there he reappears at the water level
and re-emerges conquering the central podium. 
There Conchiglia... 
the jump into the emptiness is represented by your love for Me
and from the immeasurable confidence that you have in Me without seeing or knowing. 
The water that surrounds and submerges
that makes the spectator think that the diver is dead... 
represents in this case the powerful ecclesiastic masonry
that will try to render you silent... 
that hates the sounds of Our Word for the world. 
The diver that re-emerges and conquers the central podium
represents you Conchiglia... 
who in the end will triumph as an instrument of God
to diffuse the revealed Word of Truth
and that the world will recognise in its fullness. 
There Conchiglia... 
the listening was tiring
but continue to dive into the emptiness with confidence
and I... Jesus... Who from the Trinity speaks to you... 
in you the Glory of God the Father will triumph. "

1 Refer to Revelation of Mary Most Holy to Conchiglia on 05 of May 2003.

30 may 2003 - 07.50 - Mary Most Holy

" Oh... Mary Most Holy... 
help me to do the Will of your Son Jesus. 
Yes... child... 
Every time that you will invoke my help I will help you. 
I will help every child who will ask me for help
for I myself was of help for My Son Jesus... 
while He was fulfilling the Will of the Father. 
History repeats itself. 
The sacrifice of those who sacrifice themselves in My Son for the Glory of God... 
is not comprised. 
Even you Conchiglia... 
represent in my Son a sign of contradiction. 
You represent in Him the stone that they want to remove
that will become a milestone in Him. 
Your obedience in the Divine Will
infuriates the potent of the world
who demand obedience above God. 
That is true... 
that it is necessary to obey the Church in the teachings of God... 
but only in those. 
And it is not possible to obey the Church... 
when it incites the lack of respect for the Eucharist
where my Son is present in His wholeness
and that is Body... Blood... Soul and Divinity. 
And in this case... 
more than ever obtains value that which Peter has said: 
« It is better to obey God than man. »
I the Mother Mary tell you: 
ask me to help you to give testimony... 
of the love for Jesus my Son. "

30 may 2003 - 17.55 - Jesus

" Contemplate on My ways of doing. 
Contemplate the delicacy... with which I present Myself in front of you
in the moment that you are about to receive Me in you. 
I present Myself with My best clothes. 
It is the dress of nature and of the fruits of the earth of man. 
I pleasingly present Myself to you in the species of bread and wine
so in order not to disturb you in seeing My Body of Flesh
and My Live Blood poured for you and for many. 
I Am God... I am a delicate God with His beloved creature
for He knows him to the very depth of himself. 
What sorrow it would be for you... My children... 
to see Me reduced to a mass of lacerated flesh
because of your tortures inflicted on Me with the sin
and what sorrow in seeing My Blood... 
that dirties the Alter and drips on the sides. 
My children... I love you. 
And it is more than possible that I preserve you from the disturbance and the sorrow. 
But what do you do? 
Instead of appreciating My delicateness
in presenting Myself to you in the moment of the sacrifice... 
you offend Me denying Me. 
Do not believe that I am Alive and Real
on every Altar that celebrates My Mass... 
by means of the hands and the intentions of the Priests. 
What pain... children. 
What pain... Conchiglia. 
After more than two thousand years... 
you still do not believe in your God Who loves you
and that in all of His Divinity He has offered and still offers Himself to you. 
Great is the humiliation that you inflict on Me
in constricting Myself to repeat in front of you... 
the reality of the raw and tortured flesh... and of My Blood. 
It is to present Myself to the world. 
It is to remove any doubts... 
that can pass through the mind of man
even of those who are more devoted and pious. 
Here I am... here I am... here I am. 
I allowed Myself to be seen. 
I am still naked in front of Your eyes
to show how crude was the act
that you have perpetrated on My Holy and Virginal Body. 
It is to demonstrate you your cruelty and your unbelief. 
You still want to see? 
What else do you want to see? 
I am on every Altar... 
in the conditions that I have just described to this child My Conchiglia. 
The love I prove for you is immense... it is infinite. 
But yours is also?
No... it is not. 
And so look at Me and meditate. "

30 may 2003 - 18.05 - Mary Most Holy

" There Conchiglia... 
My Son... Jesus... has come to help you. 
He has come to confirm the Word of the Most Holy Trinity
that He has dictated and given to you for the world. 
the Will of God is that to demonstrate again His Son
in the dress of Man of flesh. 
But He is God... He is God... do you comprehend? 
Do not go further to disgrace My Son. 
Look at Him... study Him with the eyes of Faith and of science
for science is a gift of God given to man
to help him better comprehend the Mysteries of God
that surround and saturates you. 
Console My Son... 
get down on your knees in front of His Body and His Blood. 
Have for Him the reverent and obsequious respect
that one must have for God Himself for He is God... God... God. 
Ask for forgiveness of your sins. 
And you Church do not do as then... 
do not refuse Him as you have done then. 
Now you have no more excuses... you can not say: 
we did not know.
Now you know and you are consciously responsible... 
of every act and of every thought. 
Yes... God the Father will enunciate again your thoughts
in the moment of the Particular and Final Judgement. 
go ahead... have courage by praying to the Holy Trinity with love
and to Me the Holy and Immaculate Virgin... ask for light and strength. "

24 october 2003 - 04.15 - Most Holy Trinity

“ Holiness child... 
is reached only through the extreme sufferance
and through the mortification of the senses and of the body. 
But the greatest and the most painful mortification... 
is given by renouncing your own desires and thoughts
by the total annulment of your own « I »
and only these things win against the enemy of God. 
Satan well knows that he can do nothing... 
with the children who immolate themselves to God
and offers to Him completely in everything. 
And it is for this that he becomes even more furious
and when he is unable hit the ambit prey... 
he tries to hit those who are near to him. 1
if only you can imagine what happens
around the protection that We have placed around you... you would be horrified.
The malice of satan is extreme and he does everything to destroy you
and he would do so even to steal a single Soul from Us
that follows these Our Words and puts them into practice. 
The constant work of satan is meticulous
and he tends to act where he sees weaknesses in Our children. 
His evilness does not have limits and many are his adepts
that he uses and irritates against Our children. 
Satan is astute. 
He is able to confuse even many Priests. 
And do you know why he succeeds? 
Because many are the Priests who continue
to exercise their ministry in sin even in mortal sin. 
When the Priests are in sin... 
satan is joyful even more in his hatred
and not even his joyfulness is sufficient to pay him for even he is... 
nothing else than hatred at the maximum level. 
He is never satisfied of the evil that he does... satan
for in evil and in hatred... 
he feels on himself... and gives continuously... evil and hatred. 
who remains blinded by satan will faithfully serve him
without realizing it. 
And in these your End Times... you are the most ambit prey
for having a priestly mission in the world
We allow you to evangelize the multitude of children... 
who many Priests put together are unable to evangelize. 
We tell you this to make you understand even in a minimum part 
the malice that satan feels for you. 
These days of your great sufferance... 
We need to repair all the thoughtlessness of many Priests
who once they have closed the door of the vicarage... 
they get estranged of every duty
forgetting that they are Priests for eternity
and in every instant of their day. 
These Words... Conchiglia... 
given to you as Our instrument
are above all for Our Priests
and also for many children chosen as instruments
who think of possessing the Word of Truth. 
Abandon yourself... child... to Our Will
and tolerate every sufferance with patience. 
We are the Most Holy Trinity. “ 

1  It is intended : who is nearest to his prey. 

24 october 2003 - 05.00 - Mary Most Holy

“ It is with love... child... that I take you by the hand
and I guide you on the path of the Will of the Father
for no more than I has ever done and ever will do... 
the Divine Will of the Father. 
I will be your guide and teacher... Conchiglia... 
so that everything will be done well. 
Now free your mind of any thought
and free your heart of every sufferance
and again invoke once more the Holy Spirit. 
Now... Conchiglia... 
try to look with my eyes that which I see. 
I see many orderly and neat houses
that in their modesty and simplicity are delightful
just as my house was in Nazareth. 
Yes... child... 
that is what the Father desires. 
That you live in simplicity and in modesty
that is made of the essentiality. 
The designated place... 
where the Movimento d’Amore San Juan Diego will be founded
will be an example to imitate. 
And it will be a place of silence... of meditation... 
of contemplation... of adoration... and of prayer. 
It will be a new community of love
where the rules will be given by me... 
that time after time I will tell you. 
I will guide you choices for I will be the one who is choosing everything
and everything will be predisposed as is in the Will of the Father. 
As has already been said to you... 
this place will be visited only
by Priests... Charismatic... and Scientists
and I will call them one by one... for I know their hearts. 
They will be attentive children who with love will serve God
in cooperation of the Great New Evangelisation. 
God Himself... my Son Jesus... 
will sit on the throne of the Movimento d’Amore San Juan Diego
as the bleeding specie of the Eucharistic Miracle
and must be exposed in a reliquary... 
finely carved in wood to form a triangle
at the summit there will be a star in golden wood. 
There Conchiglia... 
little each time We will tell you other things
that all are part of the Holy and Divine Will.”


in the hands of Don Gian Paolo Faroni, Salesian Priest of Saint John Bosco
on friday 23 of May 2003, 3.00 pm at Ostina - Florence - Italy

Eucharistic Miracle

The Movimento d’Amore San Juan Diego, founded by the Will of God by Conchiglia, makes known to the world the Eucharistic Miracle occurred on Friday, 23 of may 2003, at 3:00 p.m., at Ostina-Florence, in the hands of Don Gian Paolo Faroni, Salesian Priest of Saint John Bosco and Founder of the Movement. The analysis carried out by the two Institutes of Legal Medicine in Italy, confirm that it is male human blood group AB Rh+ . The Movimento d’Amore San Juan Diego is in possession of the results of the Analysis performed over the big Host consecrated by the Salesian Priest Gian Paolo Faroni. After yet another rejection by the Holy Roman Catholic Church, represented by the Bishop Mons. + Giuseppe Orlandoni, the Eucharistic Miracle now belongs by right to Conchiglia-Movimento d’Amore San Juan Diego.

The official results were provided by:

Dr. Gino De Blasi, Medical Surgeon, Specialist in Orthopaedics,
Traumatology, Study Centre ATIR: FIC - Tivoli - RM - Italy

Prof. Luigi Santoro, Medical Surgeon and Professor of Clinical Biochemistry
University of Tor Vergata - Rome - Italy

Prof. Paolo Benciolini, Environmental Medicine and Public Health Dept.,
Headquarters of Legal Medicine and Insurance, University of Padua - Italy

Dr. Cristina Mazzarolo, Environmental Medicine and Public Health Dept.,
Headquarters of Legal Medicine and Insurance, University of Padua - Italy

Dr. Rosa Maria Lopparelli, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Laboratory of Molecular Biology,
Dept. of Public Health, Comparative Pathology and Veterinary Hygiene,
University of Padua - Italy

Official results :

            Blood type AB Rh +
            Male n Blood
            Blood of the same type as that of Lanciano and of the Holy Shroud
            DNA sequence polymorphisms

The Official Documents were sent by: Conchiglia-Movimento d’Amore San Juan Diego to Popes
John Paul II and Benedict XVI and also to the exponents of the high hierarchy of the Catholic Church.



Eucharistic Rosary

adapted from: « THE REVELATION » given to Conchiglia

I... Jesus... who from the Trinity speaks to you
now I ask all My children that they are Living Tabernacles in the World
to worship Me with these Words.
I will make a Rosary to pray for My PERPETUAL ADORATION
in reparation for the outrages that I receive in the Churches of the world
in reparation for the desecrations they are doing in the concealment on My Body
in the reparation of those who do not believe
that I Am Alive and True and Present
with Body... Blood... and Soul in the Holy Eucharist.


Recite Creed, Our Father, 3 Hail Mary and Glory Be

And then you say:
O Trinity of Love... oh Infinite Trinity
I glorify You through my heart and my life.

In the first Mystery
I... Living Tabernacle... 
I welcome You inside me as Your Mother did
and I praise You and I adore You.
1 Our Father... 10 Hail Mary... 1 Glory Be... O Trinity of Love... 

In the second Mystery
I... Living Tabernacle... 
I caress you with heart and lips begging forgiveness
for those who insult You in the Most Blessed Sacrament.
1 Our Father... 10 Hail Mary... 1 Glory Be... O Trinity of Love... 
In the third Mystery
I... Living Tabernacle... 
I will take you through the streets of the world
so that the Trinitarian Blessing expands on the world.
1 Our Father... 10 Hail Mary... 1 Glory Be... O Trinity of Love... 

In the fourth Mystery
I... Living Tabernacle... 
I expose myself to the Divine Will
in perpetual communion with You... my God.
1 Our Father... 10 Hail Mary... 1 Glory Be... O Trinity of Love... 

In the fifth Mystery
I... Living Tabernacle... 
I bow before the Divine Majesty that has chosen me... miserable sinner... 
to glorify You everywhere in the world... by Your Divine Will.
1 Our Father... 10 Hail Mary... 1 Glory Be... O Trinity of Love... 

At the end:
Hail Eucharistic Jesus... 
Divine Love, infuse into my heart forgiveness for the world
that still offends You.
Hail Eucharistic Jesus... I am in You,
You in Me, Together in the Trinity of Love.
O Virgin Mary... Mother and Queen of Eucharistic Love... 
pray for us.


Eucharistic Litany

Lord have mercy on us
Christ have mercy on us
Lord have mercy on us
Christ hear us
Christ graciously hear us
God the Father of Heaven
God the Son, Redeemer of the world
God the Holy Spirit
Holy Trinity One God

Jesus in the Eucharist...
Glory of the Angels and Saints...
Jesus in the Eucharist... Immense Love
Jesus in the Eucharist... River of Grace
Jesus in the Eucharist... Fire of the Spirit
Jesus in the Eucharist... Balm of Love
Jesus in the Eucharist... Water that quenches
Jesus in the Eucharist... Bread that nourishes and gives Life
Jesus in the Eucharist... Salvation of Souls
Jesus in the Eucharist... Price of Love
Jesus in the Eucharist... Ineffable Divine Grace
Jesus in the Eucharist... Doctor of broken hearts
Jesus in the Eucharist... Father... Friend... and Brother
Jesus in the Eucharist... Consolation of the afflicted
Jesus in the Eucharist... Patient Master
Jesus in the Eucharist... Redeemer Son
Jesus in the Eucharist... Spousal Exalted
Jesus in the Eucharist... God of Hosts
Jesus in the Eucharist... Incarnate Word
Jesus in the Eucharist... Son of God made Man
Jesus in the Eucharist... who leads to Paradise
Jesus in the Eucharist... Example of Love
Jesus in the Eucharist... who sits in my heart
Jesus in the Eucharist... Light of the Universe
Jesus in the Eucharist... Living Bread of Heaven

Lord have mercy on us
Christ have mercy on us
Lord have mercy on us
Christ hear us
Christ graciously hear us
Have mercy on us
Have mercy on us
Have mercy on us
Have mercy on us

I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You
I love you and I adore You

Let us pray:

O Jesus in the Eucharist...
Divine Love... You who have made of me Thy Tabernacle...
render me worthy of supporting Your Gaze and to take you into the world.
Honor... praise... and glory to You... oh My Lord.

                                                                     Jesus to Conchiglia - 31 of december 2001


The rust is to iron as sin is to man
and both iron and man should be treated with care
to not be affected by rust and sin.
The sin of man has an origin and will end
and the selection on the selection... will continue in Humanity
the deserving man to live the way of God.

O my Father... oh good Father... I ask your forgiveness.
Here Conchiglia... 
and I Jesus who from the Trinity speak to you
I want to say to all My children and brothers
which I will donate special Graces
to who in the Sacrament of Reconciliation
will call Me in this way.

                                                                     Jesus to Conchiglia

Consecration of the Third Millennium
given to Conchiglia

I believe you... O my God... for I know that you love me.
You never do me harm since we are part of You.
So my God... I offer myself to you to do Your Will
and adhere with a sincere heart to Your great Project of Love.
Yes... my God... I wish to renew the vows of my baptism
and renounce forever satan.
I want to devote myself to You
through the hands of the Holy Mother Mary... who is The Mother.
I want to form a holy family
in imitation of the Holy Family to give You honor and glory
since the Renewed Earth will be formed only by holy families.
I wish to make known to other brothers
this great project of Love
so that this gift that you have given me to know
is not hidden from the World
and can give other fruits of love.
I wish my God to listen to You
and to be part of that healthy and honest and Holy Church
Catholic and Apostolic
and I wish to join the Virgin Mary
to say with Her... for Her... and in Her:
here I am my God... be is done onto me according to Your Will.

Prayer for Spiritual Communion

Recite the Act of Contrition... 

Merciful God... have mercy on this man in front of you.
Have compassion on this man who errs continuously.
Have mercy every time you see my mistakes
and help me to love You and make me feel perfect contrition
for all my sins that I have offended You with. God... have mercy on me.
God... have mercy on this poor sinner
seeking Your help because he hopes and trusts in You. Amen.

                                                                     Jesus to Conchiglia

My Jesus, I believe that you are present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.
I love You above all things and I want You in my Soul.
Because now I can not receive you in Holy Communion,
come at least spiritually into my heart... 
As You have already come, I embrace You and I join You,
never allowing me away from you. Amen.

After the Holy Mass or spiritual Communion

Every time that you, in the grace of God... approach the Eucharist
and take It by mouth within you... at that moment
Christ unites Carnally to you. And He and you become
one Body and one Soul. God in you... and you in God.
Sublimate this moment with this little prayer:

O God Illustrious... 
who you have deigned Yourself to come into me by my will
absorb me in You and transform my whole being
to Your Likeness of Love. Amen.


Prayer of Conchiglia
to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus

Most Precious Blood of Jesus... descend on the Holy Father Benedict XVI
descend on all the Holy Church and the whole World.
Most Precious Blood of Jesus... descend on all Your Sons who are also my brothers,
upon my friends and my enemies, upon the places where they work and the places where they live.
With Your Most Precious Blood... flood them, cover them, touch them, heal them
in body, in the Soul, in the mind and in the spirit.
Lord Jesus, You bless them through the intercession of Mary Most Holy, Our Lady of Guadalupe
and I Conchiglia... humbly unite myself to Your blessing... 
in the Name of the Father, of the Mother, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer of Conchiglia
to Our Lady of Guadalupe

Mary Most Holy, Our Lady of Guadalupe, as your daughter
I ask you for the Grace to heal my brothers in Christ,
if it is in the Will of God. I unite with other brothers to beg with Love
to intercede before Your Son Jesus, so that the Graces to heal
that You want to bestow will be an example to many brothers
because they always find the strength to fight and hope
for the Glory of God the Father. Mary Most Holy, Our Lady of Guadalupe,
together with Jesus bless the Holy Church, the Holy Father
and all my brothers in Christ and I Conchiglia... 
humbly unite myself to Your Blessing
in the Name of the Father, of the Mother, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.



to be recited before the Crucifix

I adore Thee, O Holy Cross,
which was adorned with the Sacred Body of my Lord,
stained and covered with his Most Precious blood.
I adore Thee, My God, placed on the Cross for me.
I adore Thee, O Holy Cross, out of love of Him who is my Lord.

Recited 33 times on Good Friday, will free 33 souls from Purgatory,
Recited 50 t prayer confirmed by Pope Adrian VI,
Pope Gregory XIII and Pope Paul VI


so dear to the Heart of Jesus and to My Heart
also you have comprehended
the value of the gift of yourself to me and to my Son.
You are many... in this holy and narrow road
but few... when compared to the multitude of the children.
as Mother I want to tell the world
that the love that surrounds your doing... 
is poured out onto you and your loved ones
in copious Graces of conversion of the heart.
There will be some who will recover from serious illness
and this is a great gift... great... great... 
because the pain of the body to some weighs much
while to others weighs more... the spiritual pain.
Even my heart was wounded along with that of Jesus My Son
and my pain as a mother was mortal pain... 
so I know well what is the spiritual pain.
It is true... you can not see it... but you live it to the end... and over and over
for while bodily death comes... 
the Soul soars towards heaven and no longer suffers
while who sustains those who die close to them... 
continue to die of grief and never expire.
Oh... the pain of my Heart... was such that... 
to a stop suddenly
but as my Son has explained to you... 
His breath my Conchiglia... has raised Him.
Yes... Conchiglia... 
repeat to the world this great and wonderful Mystery
no matter if they do not believe you... 
because the Wise will have to comprehend
that the Heart of Jesus and mine never parted.
We have been United since the Thought of Us by God the Father
we were United in my womb by Divine Grace
we were United in Death... even if for a few moments
and so... here is the Truth revealed to the world... 
We... Together and United... 
we will show you Our Triumphant Hearts.

Mary Most Holy to Conchiglia


Revelations adapted from :
« THE REVELATION » given to a Conchiglia

Divine Work:

« Welcome back My Lord - The Great Book of Life »
New Testament of the Third Millennium - Parte Prima

« THE REVELATION » given to Conchiglia has been translated thanks to persons of good will.

Images from the movie « The Passion of the Christ » by Mel Gibson © 2004 Icon Distribution Inc.
Photos: Ken Duncan and Philippe Antonello

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The Decree of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (Acta Apostolicae Sedis - AAS No. 58 of 29 Dic.1966) repealing the Canons of Canon Law in 1399 and 2318, was approved by His Holiness Paul VI on 14 of October 1966; was later published at the request of His Holiness himself, so it is no longer prohibited without disclosing the Imprimatur, texts concerning new miraculous Apparitions, Revelations, Visions, Signs, prophecies and other Miracles. It is not intended in any way to prevent the judgment of the One, Holy, Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church. 

Ezekiel 2, 3-7
And saying: Son of man, I send thee to the children of Israel, to a rebellious people, that hath revolted from me, they, and their fathers, have transgressed my covenant even unto this day. And they to whom I send thee are children of a hard face, and of an obstinate heart: and thou shalt say to them: Thus saith the Lord God:  If so be they at least will hear, and if so be they will forbear, for they are a provoking house: and they shall know that there hath been a prophet in the midst of them. And thou, O son of man, fear not, neither be thou afraid of their words: for thou art among unbelievers and destroyers, and thou dwellest with scorpions. Fear not their words, neither be thou dismayed at their looks: for they are a provoking house. And thou shalt speak my words to them, if perhaps they will hear, and forbear: for they provoke me to anger.
[Ref. from the ancient version of Catholic Douay-Rheims Bible ]

Ezekiel 33, 7-9
So thou, O son of man, I have made thee a watchman to the house of Israel: therefore thou shalt hear the word from my mouth, and shalt tell it them from me. When I say to the wicked: O wicked man, thou shalt surely die: if thou dost not speak to warn the wicked man from his way: that wicked man shall die in his iniquity, but I will require his blood at thy hand. But if thou tell the wicked man, that he may be converted from his ways, and he be not converted from his way: he shall die in his iniquity: but thou hast delivered thy soul. [Ref. from the ancient version of Catholic Douay-Rheims Bible ]

Love truth; show yourself as you are, without pretense, without fears and cares. And if the truth means your persecution, accept it; if it means your torment, bear it. And if for the truth's sake you should sacrifice yourself and your life, be strong in your sacrifice.

                                                                                                       Saint Joseph Moscati


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