Worldwide Movement founded by Conchiglia by the Will of God on the  24th  of October 2001
dedicated to Mary Most Holy, Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Perfect One,
The Woman clothed with the Sun of Apocalypse - Mexico.
Movement to defend the Catholic Church of Jesus Christ with the POPE as the Head position.
In obedience only in the doctrine of Jesus, Son of God, Himself God in the Holy Gospel.

Conchiglia della Santissima Trinità... in english   « Conch of the Most Holy Trinity »
Movimento d’Amore San Juan Diego.
.. in english   « Saint Juan Diego Movement of Love »


Normandy - France

Satellite Map of the Crosses of Love of Dozulé in Italy   

These are only some Crosses of 7,38 x,123 m erected in Italy.
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 The Crosses of Love are in thousands in all the world 
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THE GREAT MESSAGE OF DOZULÉ, began in France with Madeleine Aumont in Dozulé – Normandy and continued with Je Ne Suis Rien... it has fulfilment in Conchiglia.

IT HAS FULFILMENT IN CONCHIGLIA through the Last Cross wanted by God in Mexico City and erected on the exact place of the Apparition of Holy Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, to Saint Juan Diego. The Cross, 7,38 x 1,23 m tall, has been erected with the approval of Cardinal † Norberto Rivera Carrera Archbishop Primate of Mexico and S.E.R. Mons. † Diego Monroy Ponce General Episcopal Vicar and Rector of the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe at Mexico City-Tenochtitlán and blessed by Father Padre Carlos Cancelado on August 08, 2005 and afterwards by Father Juan Ortiz Magos Secretary of the Episcopal Vicary of Guadalupe and Executive Secretary of the Commission of the Native Pastoral of the Archdiocese of Mexico City. The Cross has been erected to protection of the Tilma, of the Basilica of Guadalupe and Mexico City that has a population of around 20 million inhabitants.


Dozulé is a big town in Normandy (France) situated about 25km from Lisieux. Between 1972 and 1978 Jesus appeared to Madeleine Aumont, a humble bride and worker and a mother of five children, in the presence of her parish priest Abate L’Horset and some religious persons, dictating a series of messages, full of teachings and advices for the entire humanity. “The message yells to the world that the return of Christ the King is soon. The sign of His coming is the Glorious Cross. That is why one must be overwhelmed with joy in front of all everything and should not lament as those who do not have hope…Rejoice, therefore, those who have received the Grace in believing in the mystery of the Glorious Cross. What Jesus wants from us is our complete YES, not only to these Messages or to the Manifestation of Dozulé, but to our conversion to the Gospel, from which these messages and the facts of Dozulé are nothing else than the echo and the actuation in these our days. « Do not hesitate any more, you have been warned… Keep watch and pray, for there I will come ». Our redemption needs our doing in the Mercy of GOD and our evangelization that is of the information on the events announced from up High. About this, JESUS says to J.N.S.R., in the last message, that the Crosses of Love must be kept alive with the prayers, otherwise they will not serve as barriers against the wars nor the epidemics! JESUS SAYS:  «Every Cross will be planted as a guard that watches over you. Pray at every one of My Crosses, with Love and certainty that I am there, the daily prayer of Dozulé everyday, at every Cross. My Crosses are the defence against Evil.»

Original Heading: L'avenir avant l'an 2000 – 1994
Ed. du Rocher - Monaco Translation from French by Francesco Benini

The Message of Dozulé is addressed to every man of every Religion, race or social condition. In the years 1972 to 1978 the extraordinary events happened in a small village in Normandy, at Dozulé in France. For the first time in history, the Church received in the greatest of secrecy fundamental revelations on the future. Fifty exceptional Messages, given by Jesus to Madeleine Aumont, mother of a family, were collected and written out in fifty verbally dictated processes and signed by order of the Bishop of Bayeux-Lisieux, with the intent to be absolutely silent.
They revealed to all of humanity very grave events.

1. Miraculous peace after a nuclear war and cataclysms
2. Return of the Faith, unification of the Churches
3. Worldly drought, universal change
4. New World, Glorious Return of Christ, happiness for men

On request of the Church, the academic Jean Guitton, proposed to his friend Gérard Cordonnier, engineer, to do a small investigation. He, surprised by the by what he had discovered, declared just before his accidental death: “ But you have no right to maintain secret these fundamental words, they regard the whole world.”

Though there was a request by his Holiness John Paul Ii, the local ecclesiastical Authorities kept hidden the truth. But Jean Stiegler, obeying a personal Consultant of the Pope, did what he could to make known to all men that which the official voice of the Church should have done: a grave warning that would reveal the near future of humanity.

For the first time in the history of the world, Jesus revealed to all of humanity the geographical place of Justice close to His Glorious Return: the Peak of the Hill of Dozulé (48th apparition to Madeleine Aumont).

The Holy Father John Paul II asked for a serious canonical inquest to the Bishop of Bayeux-Lisieux on the apparition of Christ at Dozulé. He was not obeyed. Till when the Pope personally declares his official position on Dozulé, the people will continue to and pray at Dozulé, a blessed and sacred place, in the respect of the Church. The Church is not a dictatorship, the Bishop is a pastor, a man of God, who does not have all the power.

The Canon Law exactly disciplines the rights and the duties of everyone, of the hierarchy as of the faithful. It is necessary to know that the Vatican Council II specifies in the decree on the Apostolate of the laymen, at chapter I. paragraph 3: “ to all Christians await the beautiful duty to work insistently to make known and to accept the Divine Message of Salvation for all men on earth. To exercise this Apostolate, the Holy Spirit Who sanctifies the people of God, giving particular gifts to the faithful… the Holy Spirit blows where He wants ( He is the real and prophetic Priest of the laymen). The Holy Spirit diffuses Himself on every man, not only on the Clergy.

In 1983, a Parisian architect and his wife, sent the Message of Dozulé to Father Giuseppe Gréco in Rome. His death permitted to remove the secret. Father Gréco was a Jesuit, an expert of the Council and a consultant of the Pope. He was particularly able to discernment, and Pope John Paul Ii had chosen him as his personal confessor and advisor. Father Gréco read the Message and was convinced very soon of its authenticity, thanks to his ability clairvoyance. He sent them a telegram in which he asked them to readily come to Rome. This Parisian couple asked a few people to go with them on this journey. “ Father Gréco received us and interrogated us, surprising us, for three days, to verify that which we understood of the Message. On the last day of our journey to Rome, he proposed to us to write a brief letter for John Paul II to ask him to open a canonical inquest by the Bishop of Bayeux-Lisieux, responsible for the Diocese. The day after, Father Gréco delivered the letter into the hands of the Pope, at 9.00 in his study. Contrary to the orders of the Pope, a true canonical inquest without impartiality and honesty was carried out. The signs of the evident authenticity of the Message of Dozulé were seen both by the Pope John Paul Ii and by his confessor Father Gréco.

On June 24, 1985, the official ordinance of the Bishop of Bayeux-Lisieux was published, that will sign a date in the history of the Militant Church, as that on the judgement of Joan of Arch on behave of the Bishop of Beauvais Mons. Cauchon. For the abuse of the power, the errors and the arbitrariness constituted in everyone of the four articles oftheordinance, in formal contradiction to the reality of Faith, of customs and of freedom, according to the faithful, the pilgrims will appeal to the Pope in Rome, wit ha petition signed by over ten thousand people and placed in the hands of Cardinal Ratzinger by the Cardinal Archbishop of Dakar. Rome did not rectify the abusive judgement of the Bishop of Bayeux – Lisieux, but never replied. Previously, Cardinal Ratzinger approved the way the diocesan inquest was done, but he simply did not know of the verbal process of the apparitions. THE FILE WAS HIDDEN. But according to the practice of the Church, a Bishop is not publicly disavowed by the Pope. On the contrary, when laymen are in error, the Holy Seat quickly makes it known. The yare not left in doubt, but they are rapidly warned in an official manner. That never happened for Dozulé and one must consider the silence of the Vatican as the silent approval and impotent to make itself heard. Father Gréco, confessor of the Pope, concluded our encounter saying: I ask you to never interrupt the prayer, continue this action of Light, with reunions and conferences on the Message of Dozulé.”


The Message of Dozulé has been transmitted by the Sacred Heart of Jesus to Madeleine Aumont, a lady farmer in Normandy, mother of 5 children, during the 49 apparitions (from 1972 to 1978), almost always in the Chapel of the school of S. Joseph, in the presence of many religious people, amongst which the curate L’Horset who has recently published a ponderous testimony on the facts. The messages are in part in Latin, because they are for the Church. On the hill called Haute Butte the prophet saw, starting from March 28, 1972 ( a date that the Lord wants to celebrate) , the apparition for six times an enormous luminous cross accompanied by the words “ Ecce crucem Domini ” . Here the Lord had asked to dig  a hole from which ‘powdery’ water sprang through, symbol of our sins and with which one must wash his hands and face, asking God for Forgiveness, to find Peace and Joy.  The Sacred Heart of Jesus also asked to build a Sanctuary of Reconciliation and the Glorious Cross, illuminated and as high as Golgota (738 meters and arms of 123meters). (“ … The Glorious Cross must be compared to the city of Jerusalem by its vertical dimensions… ”  (11th app.). On this land blessed by God the Father, which enjoys the Presence, I will descend on the New Jerusalem (Jerusalem- Rome- … ). The Lord asks to kiss this land three times (“ … This land of Dozulé that My Father has blessed and made sacred, we are not worthy to place our feet upon… ”  (34th mess.). The messages that the Lord desires were made known to the whole world, regarding the last days:

- the imminence of the Great Tribulation “ … Do not lament yourselves of the general cataclysm of this generation, because all of this must happen… the time of the nations must be completed… (11th app.). “ … You life the days of supreme trials of Evil against Christ… Gog and Magog, their number is not calculable… ”  (12th app.) “ … Tell the Church to renew its message of Peace to the whole world, because the time is grave. Satan directs the world, seduces the spirits, makes them capable in destroying humanity in a few minutes. If humanity does not oppose him, letting him do then it will be a catastrophe, such as that of the universal flood; and this before the end of the century… ” (14th app.) “ … The time has come to repent, because the universal change is close, such as that which has never been seen since the beginning of the world till that day and that never will there be anything like that… So then, in that moment all of the nations of the earth will lament and it is near this Cross that they will find Peace and Joy… ”  (21st app.) “ … You life in a time in which I said: there will be on this earth every type of upsetting. Iniquity is the cause of misery and famine. The nations will be in anguish for the phenomena and the signs in the sky and on earth. Be ready because the great tribulation is close and is such that there has been nothing like it since the beginning of the world till that day and that there will ever be… ”  (33rd mess.)

- the event of  a worldly drought: “ … A great calamity of drought will hit the entire world… ”  (17th mess.) “ … When the calamity of foreseen drought will hit the entire world, only the basin that God told to dig will contain water, not to be consumed but to wash yourselves in sign of purification… 2 (17th mess.)

- the great evangelisation: “ … after the evangelization of the whole world, then I will return in glory… (11th mess.)

- the apparition of the Sign of the Son of Man in heaven, that will be seen by everyone and that will miraculously stop the human madness: ‘… If man does not erect the Cross, I will make it appear, but there will be no time left” . (20th app.) “ the time has come to resurrect the spirits… ”  (31st app.) “ … there that in the sky is erected the sign of the Son of Man, that Madeleine had seen brilliant from the Orient to the West,… it is for this Cross raised on the world that the nations will be saved… ”  (33rd mess.) “ … Humanity will not find Peace till it does not know My Message and that it does  not put into practice… ”  (36th app.)

- the next Return of  Jesus in Glory: “ … The Glorious Cross or the Sign of  the Son of Man is announcement of the next return in Glory of  Resurrected Jesus. When this Cross will be raised from earth, I will attract everyone to Me… ”  (16th app.) “ … it will be the last Holy Year… ”  (17th app.) “ … after these days of anguish, then will appear in the sky the Son of Man, really Him, with great majesty and power, to unite the elected from the four corners of the earth… ”  (21st mess,)

- the Judgement of God and the New Jerusalem: “ … the book that I hold in My hands is the Book of Life. My Father is about to give Me the power to open it and it is on this blessed and sacred mountain, the place that He has chosen, that is about to renew everything… Here is where you will see the Holy City, the New Jerusalem. And there that the place of God amongst you will appear… ”  (48th mess) “ … when this Cross will be lifted from earth, in that moment I will reveal to the Churches the mysteries that are written in the Book of Life that has been just opened… (49th mess)

- the New Kingdom, where finally there will be peace and joy.

Jesus has dictated a novena and a prayer, to recite with the Rosary, and has made these PROMISES:

All those who have to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross will be saved… ” (14th mess) “ … the Glorious Cross will forgive every sin… ” (15th app) “ … All those who, with full faith, will come to repent themselves, will be saved in this life and for eternity. On them Satan will not have any power… ”  (17th mess) “ … Every hearth that will say this prayer with great faith will be protected from every cataclysm. The Lord will pour in their hearts His mercy”  (28th mess)

“ … Vos Amici mei estis, si feceritis quae Ego preacipio vobis… ”  (You are My friends, if you do that which I command) (10th mess) The days will be shorter due to the elected, but watch out those who do not follow the Word of God… ”


In the hour of the supreme Sacrifice of the Last Super and of Calvary, JESUS, the Supreme Priest and Host of the Glory of God and of the salvation of the world, raised towards His and our Father the cry of His ardent priestly prayer, “ Father, the hour has come! Glorify Your Son, So that Your Son will Glorify You.”  In this crucial hour and in this last cry, Jesus, Priest and Victim, liberates this internal Fire that was devouring Him and that many months before was manifested:
“ I have come to bring a Fire on Earth; how I would like that it be already lit ”

“ I must receive a Baptism (of blood), and how heavy it is for Me, till it has not been done!”  To understand the ‘craziness’ of the message (34th mess) of Dozulé it is necessary to have an internal spirit of  mildness and humbleness, of knowledge and spiritual infancy, as that of the curate Constant Derouard, who wisely sees in the message of Dozulé the effectiveness of this cry of Holy Thursday: “ Father, the hour has come! Glorify Your Son (and His Cross) as has never been done before, so that the Son (with His Glorious Cross of Dozulé) will glorify You as has never been done before!”

Dozulé of the Glorious Cross decrees and inaugurates in the holy history of twenty centuries of the Glorious Cross the hour of Glorification by excellence of the Glorious Cross of Golgotha. And that in the new land, chosen from the New Jerusalem, in the consecrated and blessed land of Dozulé (25th mess). Dozulé constitutes the historical completion, the full realization and fulfilment of this appeal. Without Dozulé it risked to be uncompleted the passage of John, 17,1: “ Father the hour has arrived (1972 – 1978). Glorify Your Son and His Cross of Golgotha. Glorify them Publicly and worldly.”  “ My Golgotha was My first glorification through You and the maximum of Your glorification through Me, with the ransom.”  But starting from 1972 this other appeal must be specified: “ Father, glorify My Cross with my last and definitive glorification, till when Your Son glorifies You as never before has been done, and save, as never before, the ‘multitude’ with the remission of sins.”  The hour of the general Judgement (when the  Mysteries that are written in the Book of Life, that has just been opened, be revealed to the Churches), (mess. of July 7 and October 6 1978), under the Sign of the Son of Man, will be lost and prepared from the time of Dozulé and of His Sign, the Great Glorious Cross of Mercy. Unfortunately, this hour will be reduced to very little, because the Church did not perceive the greatness of the message and the Cross will be raised by the Lord Himself… This gigantic Glorious Cross (of the final days) of a height equal to that of Golgotha( 738m) would have been the greatest Cross of Mercy and of forgiveness that the world would have ever known! And during all of this time there would have been done as never before, the appeal of Holy Thursday in its realization at Dozulé: “ Raised from the ground (in greatness), I will attract everyone to Me (in greatness) (8th, 16th,21st,33rd,34th mess.) It is time for the Church that is a ministry of the Glorious Cross of Salvation of the twentieth century, to raise the Great Glorious Cross, in full nature, in this place extended forward in respect of all the west and the of all the Orient, on the other side of the Atlantic, which is the Haute Butte of Dozulé!”

The Lord is very enthusiastic in glorifying His and our Father with this Great Glorious Cross decreed by the Father, Who has made it a commandment to His Church: “ Vos amici mei estis si feceritis quae Ego praecipio vobis” . Since the 8th apparition  He has made it His Law: Give the order to the Bishop to announce My Law, till when the Glorious Cross has been erected and the Sanctuary of Reconciliation in the precise place in which Madeleine had seen it six times… ”  The proof that this Cross is very dear to Him is that since the beginning He accompanied the message with: “ Rejoice, rejoice without stopping,”  (10th app.) and with “ Laetamini” , repeated three times in the 13th apparition. The hour has come, the hour by excellence, of My Glorification and of Your Glorification through My Golgotha, that was already essentially the “ Glorious Cross” ! But with My Dozulé, My Cross of Golgotha  will always be declared such to the world, the faithful and the non faithful, till when I return to judge the living and the dead! These messages clearly gave and with authority the mission to the Church to raise well up high the Glorious Cross, which has been for twenty centuries the depositary and administrator, making that this ministry, still hidden to more than four billion humans and of redemption, become brilliant, Light of the Nations! The great Glorious Cross is not only at the altitude of Golgotha; it is also at the latitude and the longitude of the whole redeemed world. It is the Cross of all the populations and of the cosmos, of the planets; It affirms the truly Royalty of the Lord Jesus, not only of the hearts, but also on the nations. It is necessary to cry it out on the roof tops (Matt. 10,27); and to cry out in the same hour, in which the worldly consciousness and the  secularism of state wants to make away with the Crucifix and the Name of God and dream, in the fullness of the ‘New Age’, to turn the page on Christianism, and therefore His Glorious Cross, with the year 2000 and that of substituting it with ‘the new worldly order’. Since the spring of the Easter of 1972 the Son of Man, Light of the Nations, saw that which would gradually happen, that is the decline of His Church, and He wanted to impede in time that the doors of Hell could prevail against it (Matt 16,18) and therefore against the Glorious Cross. Thus, without delaying, Jesus took hold of the helm of His Church and orders that the mainmast, a great magisterial luminous Cross be raised. The Church would have permitted the Glorious Cross of Calvary, that since its alpha of Golgotha it was already powerfully the Cross of all people, to become effectively actually the Cross of all populations the Light of all nations, Lumen Gentium. It is thanks to the Miraculous Cross of Mercy and of forgiveness, thanks to the Universal Cross and of the last days, of the days of the nations and of Evangelization, that the fulfil ness of the Elected can be reached, before the Return of the Son of Man as Sovereign Judge!

Precursor signs and prophecies

On December 17, 1826, during the inauguration of a Calvaire, a miraculous Cross ( “ laid down” ) and appeared in the skies in France in the little village of Migné, near Poitiers, in the presence of 3000people. After the preliminary agreement with Monsignor Fraissnous, minister of the ecclesiastical affairs, a canonical inquest was opened. It was declared that this manifestation in the sky was authentic and was officially recognised by Monsignor Bouillé of the dioceses of Poitiers. Pope Leon XIII gave his blessing on August 17, 1827.

In 1848, Caterina Labouré, prophet of the Miraculous Medallion, had the tragic vision of a Cross, with the death of the Archbishop in the revolution. Following that she said that a Cross 30 feet (1 foot = 0.3048m) high had to be erected, that would have been the beginning of a great international pilgrimage with graces and miracles. Father Aladel, her spiritual director, refused and told her to tell no one. She reminded him once in writing, in the last instant, to relieve her conscience, but he refused and the heavy silence was the response: the Cross never saw the light.

On September 8, 1896  holy Theresa of Baby Jesus writes to her dear sister Maria of the Sacred Heart: ‘I have the vocation to be an apostle… I would like to travel the earth, predicating Your Name and to plant in the unfaithful earth Your Cross.”  It is well know the allegoric picture of Theresa, in which on her knees at the doorstep of the house of the Holy Family of Nazareth, is sister Theresa removing the petals of a rose in front of the Baby Jesus, Who is extending His arms. In the picture one can see not far from the doorstep and from Theresa, a hill on which there is a Cross.

Jesus tells the whole world that His return is imminent.
He reminds us that He has sent His Mother many times to the world and we did not listen. He reminds us that at Fatima in 1917, we did not seriously consider Her messages and for this we shall have great trials. (…) He is returning in the glory of these our days and to return He has chosen the country France at Dozulé in Normandy. But why France? His Holiness John Paul II, reminded France her forgotten vocation in regard to other populations: “France, first born daughter of the CHURCH and educator of populations, I remind you the promises of your BAPTISM?” The “visions” of the famous stigmatized sister Caterina Emmerik authentically recognised by the CHURCH, reveals to us how the intimate friends of Jesus will leave Israel ,for the Gallia (France). The persecution of the Jew against the Christians at Jerusalem forces the witnesses of the Lord to leave Palestine…Lazarus and his sisters Martha and Magdalena, were put on a boat and miraculously reached Sainte-Maries-de-la-mer, in Province. Lazarus became the first Bishop of Marsiglia, Martha evangelized the…Valle del Rodano, and Magdalena lived as a hermit in the Cave of Saint Baume, that can be visited even today and where over forty KINGS came in pilgrimage.

So, Jesus has chosen France, to be the crib of the dawning Christianity. No other nation has had a history so full of Divine interventions as in France.

  • The blood of the martyrs, the first Christians at Lyon

  • The miraculous conversion of Clodoveo with 3000 warriors at Rome in 496

  • Carlo-Martello who stopped the Arabs at Pointers in 733

  • Saint Louis and the crusade, liberation of the tomb of Christ

  • Joan of Arch who saved her country at the age of 18 in 1429

  • The good Henry IV who re-established the religious and civil peace

  • All the Catholic Kings who have formed France and that have become the shield of the Holy Church till 1789

  • The thousands of Saints a pious and poor population who has constructed the most beautiful cathedrals of Europe

France surely had a mission that was recognised by all of the popes, who called her with the title of :
First born daughter of the Church” 
because she was the first to be baptized in the Christian faith on Christmas 496 at Reims.
In Brittany, at Kerizinen, the Virgin said of 1949:

“It is the people of France that I have chosen to re-knot the bounds of the world with GOD. The time is not far away in which France,
My preferred nation, will recover its true and clear face, but first, there is a great punishment in consequence of your mistakes.”

Since the 1st century after Christ, France was a protagonist in these apparitions recognised as authentic by the Church:

1.    The Virgin at Puy in France (I century)
The Virgin at Puy in France (V century)
At Toledo in Spain (VII century)
Our Lady of the Ardent at Arras in 1105 in France
The translation of Loreto – Marche in 1291 in Italy
6.       At Guadalupe in Spain in 1323
7.       At Guadalupe in Mexico in 1531
At Our Lady of Lauss in 1664 in France
The Sacred Heart at Paray Le Monial in the year 1673 in France 

Then from 1830 to 1933:

10.    Rue du Bac in Paris in 1830 in France
11.    Our Lady of La Salette in 1846 in France
Our Lady of Lourdes in 1858 in France
Our Lady of Point-Main in 1871 in France
Our Lady of Fatima in 1917 in Portugal
15.    At Beauraing in 1932 in Belgium
16.    At Banneaux in 1933 in Belgium

In synthesis: 9 manifestations  of Heaven in 18 centuries, then 7 in only the last century.

Then 9 manifestations in France and 7 in the rest of the world.

Between Paray Le Monial and Rue Du Bac, the French Revolution (that wanted to kill GOD in the human thought), could not have been avoided because the monarchy and the catholic hierarchy did not adhere to the directives of the Sacred Heart at Saint Margherita Maria Alacoque. Now history repeats itself with DOZULé in Normandy in France, but this time on a worldly scale.


The Lord asks for many small Dozulé in the world.

J.N.S.R. (Mess. of July 16, 1996): “ … God never asks you to do the impossible and in all that you will do for Me, you will find your recompense in the act of doing things for My Glory. I am with you in all that you do till when My Holy Cross reigns in the whole World, because it is with My Cross that I announce My Coming in Glory. We will win with My Cross. It must be like an echo that is infinitely repeated, bouncing from mountain to mountain. Thousand of voices, thousand of Crosses that are to be erected in the whole world: the Cross makes Evil go away. Yes, you heard correctly: to show to the people that they must life in the shadow of  My Cross; for this reason they must be illuminated; they will be numerous as the Stars of the earth, lighted thanks to man who obeys to the Will of God, stars lighted for Mary, the Star of the sea, the Star of Zion, the Star of the Nations; to form the Rose of Mary, that perfumes the earth asphyxiated of the nauseating odour of sin… God wants to save us. God comes to save us…

THROUGH MAN, I want to light a field of stars on earth; I want him to participate… in honour of My Holy Mother I desire two colours: white and blue, because My Holy Mother is at the foot of the Cross. At Golgotha she was standing in front of the Crucifix of Love. She is the white Rose of purity who has in Her the Faith, hope and charity. She has filled her vale, blue as the sky. Of all of her Graces: to every Cross I will disclose to Her Children… All of the Crosses that will be erected, will have the respective dimensions of My Holy Glorious Cross of Dozulé, that which I have asked the Church, because it is only she who must render Me this Glory.

YOU WILL BUILD THEM IN A SCALE OF ONE TO HUNDRED on hills of medium heights, because My Cross of 738meters must dominate on all the Crosses, because My Glorious Cross is Jesus Resurrected. I will see these Crosses raised, as voices that call Me, because man will come to pray, so that God soon returns. I have told you: it is with My Cross and with the Rosary of My Holy Mother that We shall win the World and time. Thousand of Crosses, thousand of Rosaries,… it is the Light that guides the non believers… ”  (mess. August 28, 1996):”  … Every Cross will planted like a guard that watches over you, because the city where it will be raised will be under My protection. Every day at the foot of every Cross of Mine, pray with love and with certainty that I am there, the daily prayer of Dozulé. The arms directed towards East and West will embrace you with My Mercy. My  Crosses… will oppose Evil… My Crosses are the rampart against evil. They will be blessed by the holy Priest who will understand the strength of the Cross; he will have the strength of God. They will form the doors that will close your city, your fields, protecting you from the storm that will hit outside… ” 

these Crosses that the Lord asks the laymen, should have the height of 7.38m. The arms of 1.23m oriented towards the East and the West and situated 1.23 m from the peak. Every Cross must be with the colours of Mary: the profile coloured blue, white for the faces towards North and South.


God has entrusted to Conchiglia the assignment to erect the LAST CROSS OF LOVE OF DOZULÉ on Tepeyac Hill to City of Mexico
with the approval and the authorization of the Holy Catholic Church.

on which the Movimento d'Amore San Juan Diego is based upon,
founded on October 24, 2001 by Conchiglia by the Will of God
and officially registered at VICENZA, ITALY, on August 27, 2003.

Ufficio Registro Vicenza, Italia, n. 2426 - 5.09.2003

because not even today I am interested in the miserable recognition that the foolish men intend.
I have said… this is « THE MOVEMENT of the movements ». This is a « MOVEMENT OF HEARTS
hearts that love the True and One God the I Am and I Am Love.
No man who belongs to Me…
Yes… My Love attracts you like a magnet attracts to itself all the compatible objects.

Referring to « LA RIVELAZIONE » given to  Conchiglia on December 27,  2005 - Jesus
To read the only ones that are temporarily available  in Internet.
click here.

    is founded by Conchiglia by Will of God, to defend the Doctrine of the Catholic Faith and of Life, based on the Revelation received on October 24, 2001.

    is dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe who appeared to the Indio Saint Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin on Tepevac Hill, Mexico City in 1531.


    is not of this world, but is a movement of hearts turned towards God, based on the prayer of the Holy Rosary, on the reading and meditation of the Holy Scriptures,
    on the Holy Mass, the Confession, the Eucharistic Communion, and the other Sacraments and everyone can be freely a member.

    respects the authorities of the One Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, in obedience to the Holy Father, the Pope
    and is against the Masonic Plan for the Destruction of the Catholic Church. In obedience only in the doctrine of Jesus, Son of God, Himself God in the Holy Gospel.

    has its legal expression as a layman association without lucre, officially registered at  VICENZA – ITALIA, on August 27, 2003.

    recognises the Dogmas of the Catholic Church, regarding the Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God and Co-Redeemer of the World.

    recognises in the Holy Eucharist the Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, True God and True Man, in Flesh, Blood, Soul and Divinity and protests against the systematic concealment of the Eucharistic Miracles in Italy and in the World.

    strongly opposes against: divorce, abortion, euthanasia, death penalty, unmarried couple living together, homosexuals living together, subcutaneous implants of microchips, plundering of organs and death while the heart is still beating, clonation of humans, pornography, child abuse and whatever in form, order and grade violates the dignity of Man.

    asks to all of the Catholic Scientists, to all of the Priests, Bishops, Cardinals and to the Holy Father, the Pope, the collaboration in this Great Project wanted by God.

THE REVELATION given to Conchiglia begins on April 7 2000, first Friday of the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
a few days before Easter, year of the Holy Jubilee of the year 2000.
The Holy Trinity has chosen the name… Conchiglia.
« Conchiglia »  as the seashell.
Conchiglia represents that which is contained and that is the Pearl that is the Word of God.
Conchiglia, resonance case for the whole world.
Conchiglia is in obedience with the Holy Father BENEDICT XVI and the authorities of the Holy Roman Catholic
Apostolic Church.

Pope Benedict XVI has chosen  the « Conchiglia » for his Coat of Arms as a sacred and universal sign.
The translation of Greek word « APOCALYPSE » is « REVELATION »
and therefore the word Apocalypse does not indicate and must not be confused with
Catastrophic Events
nor with the End of the World.
THE REVELATION given to Conchiglia is collected in 10 volumes entitled:
The X volume can not be published in obedience to the Bishop Mons. † Giuseppe Orlandoni.

The themes that are treated are:

§       The coming of the consoler that is the paraclete, the spirit of truth

§        The Truth on the Original Sin

§        The Divinity of Holy Mary

§        The Mystery of the Holy Trinity

§        The Message of Dozulé

§        The Eucharistic Miracle of Ostina-Florence, Italy

The Holy Spirit is CON-CHI-GLI-HA (WITH-WHOM- HAS-TO HIM) opened the door of the heart
and remember that Jesus was known as « the Son of the carpenter ».

that occurred at Ostina on May 23, 2003 to the Don Bosco salesian Priest Gian Paolo Faroni,
after several refusals by the Holy Roman CATHOLIC Apostolic CHURCH,
see letter of the Bishop Mons. † Giuseppe Orlandoni of June 12, 2006,
now belongs by right to the 
founded by the WILL OF GOD by Conchiglia.
Referring to « LA RIVELAZIONE » given to  Conchiglia on October 24, 2001 - 02.10am - Jesus

For the Message of Dozulé God has chosen Three Women:
Referring to  « LA RIVELAZIONE » given to Conchiglia on June 14, 2000 - 02.00am -  Jesus

The Triumph of the immaculate Heart of Mary
consists in recognising that Holy Mary IS DIVINE.
Referring to « LA RIVELAZIONE » given to Conchiglia on February 25, 2002 – 01.30am -  God the Father

The Holy Eucharist
can be received in the mouth and kneeling and the Pope confirms this.
For further reading:
INSTRUCTION Redemptionis Sacramentum
At paragraph 91 of the document is written:

Therefore, it is not licit to deny Holy Communion to any of Christ’s faithful solely on the grounds,
for example, that the person wishes to receive the Eucharist kneeling or standing.

At paragraph 92 of the document is written:

Although each of the faithful always has the right to receive Holy Communion on the tongue,
at his choice,if any communicant should wish to receive the Sacrament in the hand,
in areas where the Bishops’ Conference with the recognitio of the Apostolic See has given permission,
the Sacred Host is to be administered to him or her. However, special care should be taken
to ensure that the Host is consumed by the communicant in the presence of the minister, so that no one
goes away carrying the Eucharistic Species in his hand. If there is a risk of profanation,
then Holy Communion should not be given in the hand
to the faithful.
Document written and published by the ROMAN CURIA through the
Referring to « LA RIVELAZIONE » given to Conchiglia on June 6, 2000 - Jesus

The Last Cross of Love of Dozulé has been erected by Conchiglia
Referring to
« LA RIVELAZIONE » given to Conchiglia on september 17, 2000, august 09, 2001,
august 26, 2001, may 12, 2004, august 22, 2005

The CROSS OF LOVE OF Dozulé ON TEPEYAC next to the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City, has been erected on the exact place of the Apparition of Holy Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, to Saint Juan Diego. The Cross has been erected with the approval of Cardinal † Norberto Rivera Carrera Archbishop Primate of Mexico and S.E.R. Mons. † Diego Monroy Ponce General Episcopal Vicar and Rector of the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe at Mexico City-Tenochtitlán and blessed by Father Padre Carlos Cancelado on August 08, 2005 and afterwards by Father Juan Ortiz Magos Secretary of the Episcopal Vicary of Guadalupe and Executive Secretary of the Commission of the Native Pastoral of the Archdiocese of Mexico City, who firmly believe in the Message of the Glorious Cross because it is evident that humanity is in danger both at the spiritual and material level in all of the world.

Apocalypse that means REVELATION, is in these words.
Referring to « LA RIVELAZIONE » given to  on August 22  2005 – 4..30pm – Jesus 

God bless the Holy Father, the Holy Church and the whole world
Referring to  « LA RIVELAZIONE » given to Conchiglia on the Sign of the Cross on March 25, 2001 – 2.30 pm – Jesus
Solemnity of the Annunciation to Holy Mary.


Art. 3 – Finality
The Association has the following goals:  

  1. reunite priests, charismatic, and scientists even entities and/or movements and/or congregations and /or associations and/or institutions and/or universities with the philosophical, scientific, and religious finalities similar to those indicated in the present statute;

  2. recognising the Holy Trinity, in the Eucharist, and in the prayers the principal reasons of life for man, diffusing practice and devotion;

  3. the research, the study, the formation, the information and the updating on that which is indicated on the spirituality and on the writings of Conchiglia and other contemporary mystics;

  4. the promotion, the development, and the diffusion of the works indicated in the writings of Conchiglia;

  5. the promotion and the diffusion of the message of  Dozulé;

  6. the exultation of the glory of Holy Mary with the priority of the apparitions of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico and the title of Holy Mary as Co-Redeemer;

  7. the promotion, the development and the diffusion of the scientific research in every field, in particular in those finalised for the save guard of life and environment in every form. 

The Association has no lucrative goals.

How to SUBSCRIBE (the enrolment is open to everybody)

The LAST CROSS OF LOVE OF Dozulé HAS BEEN BY WILL OF GOD BY CONCHIGLIA-MOVIMENTO D'AMORE SAN JUAN DIEGO on the exact place of the Apparition of Holy Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, to Saint Juan Diego. The Cross, 7,38 x 1,23 m tall, has been erected with the approval of Cardinal † Norberto Rivera Carrera Archbishop Primate of Mexico and S.E.R. Mons. † Diego Monroy Ponce General Episcopal Vicar and Rector of the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe at Mexico City-Tenochtitlán and blessed by Father Padre Carlos Cancelado on August 08, 2005 and afterwards by Father Juan Ortiz Magos Secretary of the Episcopal Vicary of Guadalupe and Executive Secretary of the Commission of the Native Pastoral of the Archdiocese of Mexico City. The Cross has been erected to protection of the Tilma, of the Basilica of Guadalupe and Mexico City that has a population of around 20 million inhabitants.


The Proportions

wanted by God on TEPEYAC

thousands in the world



OCTOBER 13, 1999 - Anniversary of the last apparition of Holy Mary in Fatima in the capacity of Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel
Conchiglia erect the Cross of Love of Dozulé of 7,38 x 1,23 mt in CHIARAVALLE - Ancona, Italia, Primo Maggio Park zone.
On the centre: Blessing of the Cross during the Holy Mass, celebrated by Don Giancarlo Giuliani, Parish Prist of Cistercense Basilica in Chiaravalle of Ancona, Italy, in presence of Mr. Mayor and others parishioners. On the left: the Cross of Love of Dozulé. On the right: Holy Mass, celebrated by Don Giancarlo Giuliani, on march 28, 2000, anniversary of the Apparition of Jesus to Madeleine Aumont, in Dozulé. (click on the pics to enlarge)



Cross of love of Dozulé of  7,38x1,23m erected in honour of Holy Mary Mother of God and Co-Redeemer of the World on Tepeyac Hill by Conchiglia through the Movimento d'Amore San Juan Diego and all the members. The steep Hill of  Tepeyac in Mexico City, is the exact place of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe to Saint Juan Diego, canonized by Pope John Paul II on July 31, 2002.

The Cross is set between the statues of two Archangels, St. Michael (with the sword) and St. Raphael, was erected on  July 9th 2005,  the first Saturday of the month dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to protect the Holy Tilma (the original Shroud of Holy Mary), the Basilica of Guadalupe and Mexico City.

The Movimento d'Amore San Juan Diego was founded by the Will of God by Conchiglia in Vicenza, Italy  where a conchiglia-shaped Basilica (Conchiglia in English seashell) is being constructed.

It's singularity the analogy of the Cross of Love of Dozulé on Tepeyac Hill standing between the two Archangels and the symbolism of the Secret of Fatima.



On the left: Cross of love of Dozulé between the two Archangels on the Tepeyac Hill
and Official Standard of the Movimento d'Amore San Juan Diego.
On the right: Commemorative plate of the Cross.


On the left: The Cross is placed on the side of the Sanctuary risen on the exact place
of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe to Saint Juan Diego.
On the right: Pilgrims climb to pray under the Cross of Love of Dozulé
erected by Conchiglia-Movimento d'Amore San Juan Diego on Tepeyac Hill, Mexico City


Tepeyac Hill, Mexico City, august 5, 2006.
Over than a year after the elevation, the plate shows that the Crosso of Love of Dozulé
belongs to Conchiglia and Movimento d'Amore San Juan Diego.
The documentation is official.


Crosses erected near the centers of the Movimento d'Amore San Juan Diego,
on august 25, 2004 and on september 10, 2004.

Here it is the fantastic promise that Jesus did to the entire Church, and is not a « sect », by the words from the mouth of Madeleine Aumont on January 2nd 1976 in the Chapel of Saint Joseph in Dozulé: « I promise to the souls who will go to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross and that will recite every day the Prayer that I have taught them, that in this life satan will no longer have any power on them, and that for a period of filthiness, in an instant they will become pure and they will be children of God for eternity. My Father Whose Good will is Infinite wants to save Humanity that is on the edge of the precipice, with this Last Message you must prepare yourselves. » (44th Apparition).

The promise does not substitute the Sacrament of Confession and it is a duty to life in holy manner.

This is the Prayer dictated by Jesus to Madeleine Aumont to recite every day:

Sign of the Cross…

JESUS of Nazareth has triumphed over Death
His Reign is Eternal
He is coming to conquer the world and time

Mercy my God, on those who blaspheme You :
forgive them, they know not what they do.

Mercy my God, for the scandal in the world :
deliver them from the spirit of Satan.

Mercy my God, on those who run away from You :
give them appreciation for the Holy Eucharist.

Mercy my God, on those who will come repentant
to the Glorious Cross : may they find there Peace
and Joy in God our Saviour.

Mercy my God, so that Your Kingdom may come,
but save souls, there is still time... for the time is
drawing near, see, I am coming... AMEN.

Recite a decade of the rosary
(1 Pater, 10 Ave Maria)

Lord, pour out on the whole world the treasures of Your infinite Mercy.
Come Lord Jesus, we are waiting for You.


Madeleine Aumont
Je Ne Suis Rien


- “ DOZULE' 1970-1978”  di Abbé Victor L'Horset (spiritual father of M. Aumont)
- “ The Notebooks”  of  Maddalena Aumont

Published by: 
Edizioni Segno - Udine - Italia


- “ Testimony of theCross. Message of Life ”  
- “ Testimony of the Cross. Hymn to My Church.”
- “ Testimony of the Cross. Here is My Mother: do what She tells you “  
- “ Testimony of theCross. Live with Me, the wonders of the New Creation of the Father”  
- “ Acts of theApostles - Vol 1”  
- “ Acts of the Apostles - Vol 2”  
- “ Acts of the Apostles - Vol 3”  
- “ Acts of the Apostles - Vol 4”  

Published by:  Edizioni Segno - Udine - Italia


- Prayer at the foot of the Cross of Dozulé - 2000
- Pearl of Love -prayer - 2001
- Mary, the Co-redeemer of the World… that I am - 2002
   (Revelation of Holy Mary taken from “ Bentornato Mio Signore” )

« THE REVELATION » given to Conchiglia is collected until today in 10 books in italian called:

- Bentornato Mio Signore - Vol. I - 2000
- Bentornato Mio Signore - Vol. II - 2000
- Bentornato Mio Signore - Vol. III - 2001
- Bentornato Mio Signore - Vol. IV - 2001
- Bentornato Mio Signore - Vol. V - 2003
- Bentornato Mio Signore - Vol. VI - 2003
- Bentornato Mio Signore - Vol. VII - 2003
- Bentornato Mio Signore - Vol. VIII - 2005
- Bentornato Mio Signore - Vol. IX
- Bentornato Mio Signore - Vol. X - (not published in obedience to Bishop
  S.E.R. † Giuseppe Orlandoni, Diocese of Chiaravalle-Senigallia (Ancona), Italia


- Dios se revela a México - Bentornato Mio Signore - MEXICO
- Bienvenido Mi Señor -  Bentornato Mio Signore - ARGENTINA
- Dios se revela a Colombia - Bentornato Mio Signore - COLOMBIA
(in preparation)

from the « THE REVELATION » given to
a Conchiglia:

2.      INTERNAL RULES Community of Love in the spirit of CARMEL
3.      EXTRACT OF THE STATUTE of Movimento d’Amore San Juan Diego
6.      IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, OF THE MOTHER, OF THE SON AND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT - The Sign of the Cross for the New Times
7.      THE SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS - Against the abortion, planned extermination
8.      THE GENESIS - The Truth on the Original Sin
9.      GOD REVEALS HIMSELF TO MEXICO - Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Woman of the Apocalypse
10.    GOD REVEALS HIMSELF AT DOZULÉ - FRANCE - The magnificent Message of Dozulé to Humanity
11.    SCIENCE AND SCIENTISTS… AND THE NEW RENEWED EARTH - Researcher’s contribution in the great project of God
12.    THE MOVIMENTO D'AMORE SAN JUAN DIEGO have finalities in obedience to the Saint Catholic Church
14.    THE WOMAN - Her great value to the Eyes of God
16.    TREATY ON... satan
17.    THE YOUNGS AND THE NEW RENEWED EARTH - Letter of Conchiglia to youngs