The supporters of the Movimento d'Amore San Juan Diego
wear the Cross of Saint Benedict

The plenary indulgence at the point of death will be granted
to all of those who will devotedly wear the medal of Saint Benedict or even the Cross of the Good Death.



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Saint Benedict
Patriarch of the Western Monks and Patron of the Exorcists
(V century) Feast March 21st.

Invoke against poison, evil, erysipelas, swelling, fever, gravel, and stone. His intercession is potent in favour of the agonising and fighting people. After having started his studies in Rome, Benedict retired to Subiaco, in a cave, where a monk of the name of Romano nourished him for three years, descending in a basket a piece of bread which was his only food. Several disciples accepted his teachings. He constructed twelve monasteries, then retired to live at Monte Cassino that soon became a place for saints. Numerous miracles were obtained invoking to GOD his intercession. To the medal that carries his name is attributed, obviously and rightly blessed by a priest, either that it is worn, or applied to the aching parts, or drinking water in which the medal has been immersed, prodigious effects against the peril of the devil, in help of danger, and against the illness of domestic animals.
Every letter of the inscription on the medal is an integrating part of a potent exorcism. Here below is the description and explanation.


Explanation of the initials present on the Medal of Saint Benedict:

C. S. P. B.
Crux Sancti Patris Benedecti
Cross of Saint Father Benedict

C. S. S. M. L.
Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux
Holy Cross be my Light

N. D. S. M. D.
Non draco sit mihi dux
That the dragon be not my leader

V. R. S.
Vadre Retro satana
Go away satan!

N. S. M. V.
Non Suade Mihi Vana
You will not persuade of vane things

S. M. Q. L.
Sunt Mala Quae Libas
That which you offer me is bad

I. V. B.
Ipsa Venena Bibas
Drink yourself your poison


(At the + sign the sign of the cross must be done)

+ In nomine Patris, et Filii et Spiritui Sancto (In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit)

Cross of Saint Father Benedict. Holy Cross be my Light and that the dragon be not my leader. Go away, satan! Do not persuade to do vane things. The things you offer me are bad, drink yourself your poison. In the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit +. Amen!

Remember: The exorcism can be done ONLY IF ONE IS IN THE GRACE OF GOD; rather when one has confessed and has not yet done a mortal sin.
Remember: The exorcism can be practiced even by a simple layman, provided that it be done ONLY as a private prayer and as a solemn one.

The plenary indulgence at the point of death will be granted to all those who devotedly wear the medal of Saint Benedict or even the Cross of Good Death (that has in the centre a Medal of Saint Benedict), both opportunely blessed, in the following conditions:

  • recommending their soul to GOD;

  • to confess or communicate oneself or, if possible, to have at least the sincere contrition of sins
    and invoking with contrition the Holy Name of Jesus, at least with the heart, if one is unable to do it with the voice;

  • accepting with resignation of one's own death in the hands of God, asking forgiveness for one's own sins.

The Holy Immaculate Virgin, Saint Michael the Archangel and Saint Benedict are our refuge and our defence against the attacks of the devil! Amen!