Worldwide Movement founded by Conchiglia by the Will of God on the 24 of October 2001
dedicated to Mary Most Holy, Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Perfect One,
The Woman clothed with the Sun of the Apocalypse - Mexico.
Movement to defend the Catholic Church of Jesus Christ with the Pope as the Head position.
In obedience only in the doctrine of Jesus, Son of God, Himself God in the Holy Gospel.

Mary Most Holy, Our Lady of Guadalupe against the devil
« GUADALUPE », Cuatlaxupeh in the Náhuatl indigenous Azteca language, means:
« She who crushes the head to the serpent ».
Reference to Mary Most Holy Our Lady of Guadalupe, winner over the devil according to Genesis 3,15.
Apparitions to Saint Juan Diego 09-12 december 1531 - Mexico City

Conchiglia della Santissima Trinità...  in english   « Conch of the Most Holy Trinity »
Movimento d’Amore San Juan Diego.
..  in english   « Saint Juan Diego Movement of Love »

World Prayer Group
« The Tulips of Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe »

Requests for Prayers from around the World

addressed to Mary Most Holy, Our Lady of Guadalupe
through the World Prayer Group TULIPS OF MARY
to which everyone can join from anywhere in the World, staying at home.

To join in prayer with « Conchiglia della Santissima Trinità » ,
every day at 03:00 pm and at 10:00 pm
recitation of the Rosary, for all requests received, in the communion of the sons of God


... Am I not here, I who Am your Mother ?


His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI :

« The Holy Rosary is not a pious practice banished to the past, like prayers of other times thought of with nostalgia. Instead, the Rosary is experiencing a new Springtime. Without a doubt, this is one of the most eloquent signs of love that the young generation nourish for Jesus and his Mother, Mary.
In the current world, so dispersive, this prayer helps to put Christ at the centre, as the Virgin did, who meditated within all that was said about her Son, and also what he did and said.
When reciting the Rosary, the important and meaningful moments of salvation history are relived. The various steps of Christ's mission are traced. With Mary the heart is oriented toward the mystery of Jesus. Christ is put at the centre of our life, of our time, of our city, through the contemplation and meditation of his Holy Mysteries of joy, light, sorrow and glory. »

Concluding his speech, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI invoked for the Church « A RENEWED EFFUSION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. »

Vatican City (Fides Agency)


Dear brothers and dear sisters in Jesus and Mary,
as taught by Jesus in the Gospel... bear witness to your Faith,
have trust and hope. Do not be afraid.

Orémus pro Pontífice nostro Benedícto.

R). Dóminus consérvet eum, et vivíficet eum,
et beátum fáciat eum in terra,
et non tradat eum in ánimam inimicórum ejus.

V). Fiat manus tua super virum déxterae tuae.

R). Et super fílium hóminis quem confirmásti tibi.

Pater, Ave


Deus, ómnium fidélium pastor et rector, fámulum tuum Benedíctum,
quem pastórem Ecclésiae tuae praeésse voluísti, propítius réspice :
da ei, quaésumus, verbo et exémplo, quibus præest profícere;
ut ad vitam, Una Cum grege sibi crédito, pervéniat sempitérnam.
Per Christum Dominum Nostrum.

God bless you
and The Divine Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Perfect One,
protect you with your loved ones
and protect the whole world
in the Name of the Father
of the Mother
of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit.


I Am the Lord your God, you shall have no other Gods before Me.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God, Himself God
Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity.

Jesus... He Is the Only and True Master...
The Only and True Savior and Redeemer of Humanity.



                              della Santissima Trinità


The Worth and the Force of Prayer in joy and suffering

Requiem for the dead


We invite all members of the Movimento d’Amore San Juan Diego
in the World to join in prayer for...

Requests for Prayers from around the World

Thanksgiving to Mary Most Holy,
Our Lady Of Guadalupe, The Perfect One

For Grace Received


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Jesus to Conchiglia della Santissima Trinità

" ... The tulip... in its closed petals...
hides in it the perfume of its own essence.
The tulip is beautiful.
The tulip is delicate.
At the same time...
gives the idea of a raw age... of a young age... and of a mature age.
The tulip is a flower of spring...
that represents the spring of the New Times
that are very slowly being formed in your hearts.
And all of you must be like the petals of the tulip!
You must be close to one another...
to remain united one next to the other as to protect yourselves.
So united amongst yourselves... at the right moment...
I will open the tulip
that in its form resembles a chalice.
A natural chalice... and variously coloured... and delicate
where the only the pure of heart can drink and quench their thirst.
All of you... petals who represent the tulip...
must protect and keep custody the Word
that is given to you through this child...
My and your Conchiglia.
You must defend and testify with your behaviour
the fruit of the Word that is descend in your hearts.
You must be the new disciples who move forward in the confused crowd
that seems like a herd of sheep without a shepherd.
And you must give joy and hope for I will truly Return..."

Jesús to Conchiglia - 05 of april 2005